Random acts of kindness…

If people live in a society where they have to be reminded to spread RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS, something’s wrong.  If people get choked up, or cry, because someone does something nice for them, there’s something wrong.  If people are rewarded for doing the right thing, because  doing the right thing  is considered above and beyond the norm, there’s something WRONG.

Violence and abuse are the waters we swim in everyday.  When someone hands a person a line, it’s so out of the ordinary, that people notice.  Something’s wrong with that.  It should be the other way around.  Acts of kindness should be common, while violence and abuse should be so shocking, that everyone notices and takes action immediately.  Those are the acts that should choke people up and make them cry.

If anyone is waiting for the meek to inherit the earth, they’ll be waiting until the meek are the only ones left.  The bad guys will win, again and again, because they don’t CARE about kindness, or their own actions.  When people realize that, maybe things will change for the better.   I don’t know if it’s possible to change anything, any longer.  The bad guys are dug in, have the power and weapons, and while they’re busy running/ruining the world, other people are buying signs that remind them to be kind.  Good luck with that.

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