Art and the philosophy of life

“I’m sure that art can transform spaces but also people!” -SATH Above: “Team work! Wall in progress for Greenpeace Thailand.” Below, the finished product: “Windmill is a project for Greenpeace during Wonderfruit festival, in Thailand, February, 2017.” When I first met SATH, he was involved in a project, SOM-RIU This is a participatory mural project to aid […]

via SATH – Art Angel: Just Ask the Kids — Graffiti Lux and Murals

Comments on: "Wonderful Street art post from: Resa" (2)

  1. I knew you would love this! I have met SATH, and he came over for dinner. He was very lovely and was smitten by the jungle of house plants in my home. I told him some of them were older than i was, as I had inherited them from Norm’s mom, and kept propagating them. He was wide-eyed about this, and totally loving about it.

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