Jason and Carla…

The chicklets were putting the finishing touches up for their Halloween party when Chickmas showed up.  No one knew what to do.  Everyone knew Chickmas things were in the stores but it seemed far too early to think about, especially since Halloween was only days away.  There was an impromptu meeting and it was decided that Chickmas would just have to wait for awhile.  Jason changed into his ghost costume and the rest of the Halloween party decorations were put up and all was well.

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4 Responses to Jason and Carla…

  1. Adorable…Chickmas is always too early!

    • It is nowadays, that’s for sure. I explained the economic situation to the chicklets and they were relieved to know that it doesn’t involve them. They are very excited about Halloween, as you can imagine and have put Chickmas on the back burner, where it belongs, at least for now. 🙂

  2. Resa says:

    LOL!!! Some stores her have ignored Hallow’een altogether, and gone straight to Chickmas.
    Not shopping in those stores.

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