Okay, so…

If we all married someone a different color than ourselves, it wouldn’t take very long for everyone to be one beautiful color.  People who were black or white would stand out and be considered “Other.”  Kids would look in books to see pictures of white people and gasp at their pale complexion.  They would ask if white people were sick.  If they could go out in the sun.  If they were Vampires.  Think about it.  If everyone was a luscious brown, what would white people look like to kids who had never seen them?

I realize that wouldn’t solve much.  People would just find something else to fight about, be prejudice over.  But far down the line, who would remember racism?  Who would ever think of people being harmed because of the color of their skin?  They would think we were horrible, insane, pathetic, barbaric.  They would be right, of course, but sometimes we can’t see the terrible things we do unless we look behind us.  Too far behind us.  Sure we would lose diversity but that would be better than what we have now.  White, male, power.

Women could change things but like race, women are kept in line with violence and brutality, laws and hatred.  Anything that could bring about equality and fairness, anything that would threaten the status quo, is treated with violence and even death.

See, the thing is, most people only think, or act, on things that only affect them personally.  If their kids aren’t being shot in the street because of their color, then it’s not their problem.  But it is everyone’s problem.   Cutting off lives, talent, creativity, beauty and intelligence because of color or gender IS a crime against each of us.  People have been conditioned to NOT see that. To NOT see the terrible loss that hatred causes, that greed, prejudice and inequality steals from our culture and lives.

I don’t know how to change anything.  I used to think I did.  I tried.  Now the Klan and rape are  on college campuses.  All those years of trying to make things better and things are worse.  I don’t want to believe that we can’t make a difference but all the evidence points to that.  What do we do now?  Like minded people just talk to each other.  They don’t have money to fight long term, even short term.  The money is backing the rich and powerful, not the people.

We are living in interesting times…deadly, mean, greedy, times.  I read something by an anthropologist who said that it’s exciting to look back on times like these, times when great changes are taking place.  She said that it’s not fun to LIVE through them, just to look back on them.  Apparently they happen with some regularity.  If that’s true, it just shows that we never learn anything and they we keep making the same mistakes over and over again.  Not interesting at all…just pathetic.


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  1. Resa says:

    Another fab “Okay, so” piece.
    …. and you’re right. It seems like never ending inequality & domination. First, I was called squaw as a child and teen (by the white boys, only). My hair was very dark when I was young, and I have an olive complexion. Then it was trying to get ahead in my career. (lots I could say, but although male dominant, many (not all) women were less than no help here. I believe they were trying to protect the small gains they’d made for themselves.
    Now, it’s aging. I don’t care, but apparently many do.
    Well, no wonder I have retreated into art and artistic endeavors.
    😀 How’s your art today? 😀

    • I’m sorry you went through that. It never ends. The awful people will always find something to attack others with, no matter what. We kid ourselves that we can be more than we are. His-story has proven that nothing changes…it’s always been the rich vs the poor, titles, landowners, etc. Always the same thing. People are unhappy and for some, they feel superior when they put others down. Bullies, every one of them. Getting rid of class distinction and spreading the wealth would help but it won’t happen. It’s worse than ever, right now, in America. Art and creating in the best place to live. It’s the best time for Street art and creative endeavors but there isn’t much political art taking place. It’s gorgeous but safe. It use to be outlaw art, illegal, and now it’s magnificent but it has lost something. Le Rat, Banksy, they are still on the front line, showing everyone what’s wrong. Wouldn’t change any of it, however, we need art, all kinds. Art just might change the wold.

      • Resa says:

        I have 1 Banksy in. my collection. Even 5 years ago when I began collecting, it was much more political.
        LOL!! You know my black door that I printed Charlie Zero’s words on in my 1000 post? The city came and painted it black again! I guess they didn’t like it! 😀 😀 😀
        I’m going to keep painting words they don’t like on that door! 😀

    • Redheads nearly always marry someone of another color — there are so few of us. And we never fit into any groups. The blonde women hang with other blonde women. The brunettes stick together. There aren’t enough redheads to form groups. I am used to being a loner, never having a mentor, and finding my joy anyway. But community is where the support and happiness really lie, and people withhold it when you aren’t in their “family” or don’t look like them. If I had a dollar for every time someone suggests that the red hair gene is going to die out within 50 years. As if. Or being told at a cocktail party that redheads can’t tolerate pain. Uh huh. Or being accused of being scary. No, I’m not scary, you’re scared. There’s a difference. So alone is good, just not as good.

      • I never heard any of those things. How ridiculous. Of course, I only had one red-headed friend. She was Irish. I was blond but I don’t remember any groups split up according to hair color…not at all. We were a bit of everything. That’s strange, to me. Everyone enjoys thinking blonds are stupid and as you said, those people are the ones who are stupid, not the blonds. And I think being alone is as good as we make it, right?

      • I knew you wouldn’t be someone who chose by color alone. I am only sharing my experience. The moms at the school. People at parties. You would be surprised how often people sort themselves. On the outside, it’s easier to see it happening. There are exceptions and exceptional people. I have plenty of friends. I’m always happy to talk, to chat, to support, to party, to laugh. I cross all the lines. I just don’t usually end up inside those other groups. I’m on the fringe. I’m a group-hopper, a clique-ignorer. That’s okay. I like my life. I just don’t think people are aware of it happening. Most people I mention it to, they have never noticed it.

      • It wasn’t an issue when I was growing up, that’s all. My neighborhood was so mixed that there really wasn’t a certain type. Nationality, how fast you were, how tough you were, how well you played baseball..things like that. Later, popularity, what you looked like and how tough you were. Had to be fearless and tough in my group. LOL That mattered the most.

      • Fearless and tough. Hmm, a friend described me as hard as nails. I’m still deciding whether or not we’re still friends. 🙂

      • I think there’s a difference but it all depends on our definitions. LOL I’m sure she meant it as a compliment, right?

      • Mmm. Maybe. *Shaking it off*

      • The fearlessness and toughness had to do with being tough on the street. All the things we got into made me confident and taught me fabulous lessons. We were wild kids and we were free, with a huge city to play in. We got into trouble (mostly the guys) but we weren’t afraid of anything. I wouldn’t change a single thing. My teenage years were fantastic.

      • You should write a young adult novel for other young you’s.

      • My generations couldn’t really address today’s problems from their POV. We didn’t experience all the media madness, or the parental/adult intrusion. Life is so different nowadays. Guns weren’t a big issue and kids weren’t killing themselves because of never-ending bullying. It’s a different world. Much worse for kids today. Always being supervised, always being watched. Some schools are like prisons. Phone calls to parents. Tattling and ratting each other out. I don’t know how they learn to trust anyone. Counting friends, horrible pictures and things said about them on media. Not the same environment at all. New “diseases” being named for the things kids do, or won’t do…refusing to speak, refuse to go to school (I know one of those and so does my daughter), so many weird emotional/mental problems from today’s world. So very sad.

      • Yay, those are all true. There are good kids who just want to have fun, too, though.

      • .That’s so true:) I hope that never goes away…ever

      • I don’t think it can. We are hard-wired to need fun.

      • I think that’s why people are so unhappy…because they don’t have enough fun. Definitely. It’s what we are here for. And somehow we have messed that up, big time.

      • Go out and have some fun today, girl!

      • Everyday for sure. You have a great day as well. The weather is amazing…windows open and birds singing. Happy, happy. 🙂

      • Well, now you have another red-haired friend. Maybe one day we’ll meet. And I never thought all blondes were stupid, although there are exceptions to that, too. 😉 I was more of a field hockey player than a cheerleader type. But now I cheer for my kids. We all have a little of everything inside us.

      • All the jokes are about dumb blonds. I’ve never met a dumb blond only dumb people who think hair color defines a person. Media reinforces stereotypes. I was at a convention, in a seminar, and the speaker turned to ME and asked, “if blonds really do have more fun.” I said, “compared to what?” Everyone laughed and that was it. As if I would know how much fun anyone else had or knew how to rate the amount of fun I had. Really…how superficial and weird. Oh, well. They could think I was a dumb blond all they wanted and that just made it easier for me to take them down.LOL

      • So many of us have these tiny thorns. Hugs and yay for you, you’re perfect just the way you are.

      • So are you. 🙂 At least the blond jokes didn’t start until I was an adult and they were never aimed at me. Whenever I hear someone make fun of others I stick up for those being attacked. Unfortunately, I did that at a party where my husband worked. LOLOL You just can’t stand by and let people get away with that garbage, no matter who they are, or where you are. They were cruel and mean. People aren’t nice, a lot of the time, and I don’t like to be around them that much. And the people who were bashing others were women which made me sad and angry. People who are exploited, abused and treated unequally, bash others, instead of working together to get fair and equal treatment for everyone and that is pathetic. Happens all the time. Divided power…such a waste.

      • It is wasteful. I remember more sisterhood in my 20’s than I feel now. I remember when we planned to “take back the night.”

      • Oh, absolutely. Far less activism and sisterhood. We had lots of plans and, unhappily, we still have the same problems. We worked so hard for years and all it takes is one horrible white male to reverse ever gain we made. It’s pathetic and WRONG.

      • More than one horrible white male is working against us. Try thousands, if not millions. Where do the judges come from? The ones that give rapists a slap on the wrist?

      • You got that right. It’s us against them, whether people want to believe it or not. They do everything in their power to keep women down. I won’t list things because this will turn into a thesis. But it’s a huge problem that some women don’t even see.

      • I do!!! How fabulous is that? Maybe one day we will. And Dumb Blond jokes never end. The Media loves them and continues to promote the stereotype. Just makes them look foolish and out of touch with reality…which, of course, they are.

  2. That’s fantastic! And yes, keep painting on your door. Love the door. It’s YOUR door and THEY painted over it! OMG it never ends.

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