We have no idea…

who we are

what we are

where we came from

where we are going

why we’re here

what we’re supposed to do

what the universe is

what’s beyond what we think is out there

what IS out there

whether anything actually means anything

how much power we each has that is being kept from us

if we are simply a pocket dimension

if we’re real

if anything is real

why we ARE violence

what time is

what exists beyond time

where black holes lead

why entropy exists (not the scientific version, but WHY it’s here, not what it does because it’s here)

if peace is possible, or real

if we simply slide from one life into another and another, for eternity

if there is an eternity

what love is

why we refuse to cooperate

why we insist on destroying the planet and life in general

religion/cult exists to divide us

why there is so much hatred

why disease exists

why so many accept their conditioning and brainwashing


We can explain some of these things with what we consider to be logic, science, beliefs, etc.  but the truth is, we don’t really know anything and all.  All of our definitions are from our human minds and our minds are  limited because they are inside of us.  Everything we see is filtered through the human mind.  Being human only lets us see a tiny bit of what actually is.  And if you ask, how I know that, just think of the fact that we can’t see in the dark, in infra red, can’t see like eagles can, smell like dogs can, can’t do a million tiny things that other living beings can do.  That’s because our brain isn’t set for those things, which means we are limited to what our brains allow.


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