Don’t most people…

read more than one book at a time

like their toast dark and crispy

love chocolate

like to travel

go barefoot whenever they can

long to have the body they did when they were seventeen

adore cats

think summer and maybe spring are the best seasons

love the ocean

have fun in Las Vegas

understand that bread actually is the staff of life

wish they weren’t too old to ride a skateboard

feel surprised when their kids turn into adults

love ice cream

think pizza is one of the best things ever

constantly buy books to add to their never ending TBR (to be read) pile

write/draw in their books

love nature

wish war would end

miss brick and mortar bookstores

think that Amazon is going to take over the world

love music

wish the people they loved wouldn’t die before they did

wish politicians were human

think the “isms” are evil

think watermelon is the best melon

think every gun should be melted down

believe fracking should be stopped immediately

feel that poisoning the earth/water/air is wrong

think that GMOs should be banned, as they are in other countries

think that  kindness matters

that some differences can never be bridged

think that you don’t have to like people because they happen to be family

want to be free

like to wade int he wet sand at the edge of the ocean

think birds are absolutely gorgeous

believe that life should be fun

believe that no one should go hungry

feel that men should stop hurting women and children

think that pie is something special

believe that most people like to sing, even if they can’t

believe that we’re all just trying to survive




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5 Responses to Don’t most people…

  1. All of these. This is beautiful.

  2. I don’t have kids, never been to Vegas and Autumn is my favorite season….but yes to everything else 🙂

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