Do you believe…

…that we know the truth
about anything

…that there there
has ever been an
honest politician

…that diversity
is the answer
to a lot of our

…that America
is a joke

…that freedom
no longer exists

…that war
across the entire planet
is our future

…that children are
being uneducated in

…that art
needs to be
more political

…that our government
will start killing people
in the streets

…that sunshine
is the best medicine

…that children and adults
are over medicated

…that militarizing the police
is a horrific idea

…that junk food
is actually good
for us

…that people
still love to read

…that news programs
should be removed
from TV because they
are bad for our health

…that the so called president
should be removed from office
because he’s bad for the health of
our country

…that kids should be able to
read comic books for book
reports in school

…that teachers should not
have to follow all the rules

…that hunters should be

…that religion
should be abolished

…that rapist priests
should go to jail
for life

…that stuffed animals
are real when we
aren’t looking at them

…that bullies are
given special privilages

…that teen suicide
should be a WARNING
that we are doing somehtng

…that we need to
ask more questions

…that we should stop being
nice and make more demands

…that we should teach kids
that they are lied to all the time

…that we should realized that WE
are being lied to all the time

…that hot chocolate is

…that chocolate chip cookies
are better when warm

…that candy corn
is weird

…that adults wish
they could dress up
and be silly more
than once a year
on Halloween

..,that life will
ever be open
to everyone

…that bread
is beautiful

…that sick people
with no hope of recovery
should be allowed to die
with dignity

…that being
barefoot is
the best thing ever

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2 Responses to Do you believe…

  1. No to the first two…yes to the rest and candy corn makes my teeth itch!

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