Here’s the thing…


I think it’s strange that we attribute things to our heats…like love, emotion and all the rest.  The heart is a muscle.  We say things like, “I love you with my whole heart.  I carry you in my heart, My heart beats for you, You are my heart”…and all the rest.  Our brain is where everything happens but we are used to using our hearts as a symbol of our emotional base.  We do say things like, “You’re always on my mind, I think about you constantly,” etc. but somehow it doesn’t have the same impact, because we are used to hearts and flowers.  We wear heart jewelry, boxes come in the shape of hears, even pizza is shaped like a heart on Valentine’s day.  We wear hearts on our sleeves, shirts and even on our sheets and blankets.  We use the stylized version of hearts, of course, since the above picture wouldn’t look good on the things I mentioned.  It’s all about what we are used to, all about what we choose to believe.

It’s obvious that our heart has nothing to do with love and everything to do with pumping blood through our bodies but heart candy and pillows in the shape of hearts are not to be deterred.  We are a strange lot, that’s for sure.  We do what we have to to get through it all and if we want to use our hearts as a symbol of love, why not, right?  I’m just happy we didn’t decide to use our liver or spleen, because, “I hold you in my spleen,” or “My liver pines for you,” just sounds too weird.   Having said that, I suppose, like everything else,  we would get used to it and there would be picture of livers on cards and wrapping paper.

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11 Responses to Here’s the thing…

  1. Sue says:

    But how about the fact that without a functioning heart, we don’t exist.

    • True enough but with out a brain/mind, who would care? We wouldn’t know if we were dead or alive. The body would exist but that’s it. Everything depends on a functioning brain. The body can’t move without it, nothing happens without it. There is no us without it.

      • Sue says:

        True, but there is no hope of an us without a you need a heart, AND a brain!

      • All awareness is in the mind. The body can exist (brain dead), but simply functions until it doesn’t. It’s a form of aliveness but awareness,interaction and knowing you’re alive exists in the brain only. So you need a lot of things to make a healthy working body and life but the thing is…all life takes place in the brain/mind. Without that, there is no real life, just existence.

      • Sue says:

        Oh, I’m fully aware of that…my point was merely that a brain cannot exist without the pump to supply it with blood

      • That’s for sure:)

  2. this really moved my spleen…er, mind. 💖🌸🙏🏻🌸💖.

  3. Resa says:

    I kidney you, Georgiann! & I ain’t kidneying around about that! 😀

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