Vicious Beast…aka Maggie, Mags, Magalena, VB…yes, she answers to all but Vicious Beast and VB

Mags and Sadie (cat) arrived yesterday morning.  All of my plants are in the laundry room, which is tiny, so it looks like a JUNGLE in there, and that’s totally cool but washing clothes is a complete impossibility.  Anyway, things are going well.  Mags is being nice, at least nice for her.  She let me pick her up, pet her, feed her and take her out.  She’s nicer than she’s been in a long time.  Around 5:30, yesterday, she walked into her playpen and curled up in her soft bed.  I made the mistake of simply WALKING BY and she started snarling, growling and snapping.  Vicious Beast had come to the forefront.  I closed the side panel (pushed them together, they don’t really close, but she thinks they do) and that’s all she wrote. She was fine this morning.

I have no idea WHEN VB will reemerge.   She’s absolute proof that you can’t tell a dog by her cover, cuz she looks so sweet and cute and she’s NOT.

Sadie’s a cat…so she’s perfect.

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8 Responses to Vicious Beast…aka Maggie, Mags, Magalena, VB…yes, she answers to all but Vicious Beast and VB

  1. It’s true….such a great post Gigi! Love that dog too, as I am a huge dog lover. An example of not being able to tell a book by the cover, my friend has a white and black boston, weighs 13 pds, mean as hell ( she named her Holly, lol) my brown and white Boston male weighs 33 pds, Holly bites, harasses, bullies my Tide so badly he hides under the table from her. He on the other hand would not harm a fly. 🙂

  2. She certainly is that. LOL

  3. Maus, my female Queensland, came into my life when she was just short of one year. I rescued her from her 2nd owner who was trying to ‘unload’ her at the pound. The pound was full so Queensland Rescue was called. They called me to tell me that Maus was available for adoption. I drove down the mountain and brought her home. She was tiny and skinny and so scared. I already had my male ‘Buddha.’ Maus immediately bullied him and assumed the role of ‘first dog.’ He is such a mellow character and let her do whatever. Clearly she had some deep adjustment issues. Along comes my friend and says that she is possessed. He says he will exorcize the demon. He didn’t get to finish the job because he had to leave. Thereafter I always saw another entity peering out. She is a strange dog…..not calm and settled and quick to challenge. She doesn’t bite and is not aggressive toward other dogs or humans but she has an aura of strangeness about her which makes people wary of her. She is my dog child who I protect. If she is possessed, I desire to give her comfort. VB sounds off in some erratic way. All comes under the class of the weird and unexplicable. Vb is lucky to have a tolerant family. Charmed for sure.

    • You’re so lucky to have found each other. I think other species have issues, just as we do. Dogs and cats are like kids, sometimes we just have to let them work things out for themselves. Their individual personalities lead them to the right place (most of the time). Buddha was okay with letting her have what she needed. My beloved Pasa, black cat, let Gota, mean female cat, boss him around. He was bigger than she was but like Buddha, he had a sweet and loving personality. He was gentle and laid back. One day, Gota pushed him too far and he swatter her, which caused her to slide across the room. She sat up, licked her side and that was that. She was still the boss but everyone knew that her title was safe only because Pasa didn’t want the position. 🙂 Maggie guards everything. Doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s near her, she watches over it. When she’s like that, you can’t get near her. I don’t know if poodles have been so interbred that she was damaged, if it’s just who she is, or if she’s possessed by a huge demon dog, squashed into her wee body. I often wonder, when we look at them and they stare back with that strange vibe, if an evil wizard did actually curse a human and turn him into a dog. All we can do is love them the way they are, since that’s what they kindly do with us.

      • Maus was not loved as a puppy so as an adult she has joined herself to me. She is very loyal and I am happy to accommodate her neurosis. Like people with emotional issues she is driven by her desire to be safe and loved. A very strange dog for sure. I don’t presume to know if she is possessed but I think it could be possible.

  4. I’m so happy you found each other. It was meant to be, no doubt about it. ❤

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