Computer problem…

My screen is too dark to actually see much.  I’m going to shut it down and hope for the best.  If I’m not on for a day or two, it’s because my laptop will be at the ER.  Hope the last post wasn’t dark.

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6 Responses to Computer problem…

  1. Resa says:

    Good grief!
    Have you checked the brightness icon? Perhaps it is accidentally on low. If you are dragging pics when it is on darker (low), they will come out darker. That could be it!
    Very top row …. on my Apple the first is esc …. then second & third icons. They look like little suns with rays. Tap, tap tap the bigger one and see if it brightens up!

  2. TechFlax says:

    Is it resolved now ??? Did you shut down ??

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