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14 Responses to Love…

  1. charlypriest says:

    I think that is my girlfriend

  2. Oh, this photo made my heart stop.

  3. This one photograph embodies all things sacred that we aspire to as humans but haven’t quite made it yet.

    • I wish I could believe that we had it in us but I’m afraid I left that hope behind. You’re right, it is the embodiment of everything some of us dream of. It’s those who don’t, that destroy the promise.

  4. Each of us must alone discover this state of being. It’s contagious so that even though our neighbor may continue to sleep the effect of our work does not go without benefit.

    • I think that’s true in many cases. We rarely know how we affect each other.

      • Keeping our hearts open always helps others in often mysterious ways. At the least we will not injure when we give and receive with an open heart. I gratefully received your beautiful letter yesterday. I will be sending a letter soon. Another procedure tomorrow. They are very helpful.

  5. I am so happy that you are getting some relief. That’s truly wonderful news. I hope you get a lot of work done and enjoy whatever you do.

    I don’t think that I always have an open heart…I can shut it down if I want to. I can do that quickly and easily. It’s a coping mechanism that has allowed me to live a happy, free and unburdened life. I can walk away from anything, or anyone, and not look back. I’m always open, until I see a reason not to be. I never wanted to spend my life fixing things and working on things, wth regard to relationships. I don’t do that. If I’m not happy, I’m gone, because the other person has the right to be they way he or she is, as well. I’ve probably hurt people without meaning to but I’m the only one who can give me the life I want to live and I have to do that my way. I’m not very attached to relationships because they are always changing and like everything else, some come and some go, hopefully at the right moment for everyone. Always look forward to your letters.

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