“How cute are they,” sighed Louise, watching Gau and Gat hug each other.

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“Of course I would look for you if you were gone,” said Louise, running her hand down the pigeon’s back.  “How could you even ask that question?”


“Yes, I know you would look for me too and sure, you can sleep in my room tonight.”

“What are we going to do with them?” asked Shane, eating an ice cream bar and a donut.

“No idea,” said Louise.  “Gat said she’d show me how she got in and I’ll make sure no one comes in that way again but I can’t ask them to go back there and I don’t know if I can magick them a human look that will last any length of time.  It would drain me to keep it on them and they would still stand out, since they don’t know the fine art of being human.”

“Don’t worry,” said Shane. “We’ll figure something out.”

Novak was getting hugged by the demons, who were so happy to be together again, they couldn’t stop dragging everyone into their circle.  Even Graywing had received a kiss from Gat, after which she preened her wing for twenty minutes.

Louise made everyone something to eat, then she, the pigeon and Gat left for the portal. Novak and Gau were playing cards and Shane was standing guard.  Darkness was falling and the street lights came on.

“Did anyone else come through with you?” asked Louise.  Gat shook her head.  “Do you know if the doorway is used often?”  She shook her head again.

“Always here,” she said.  “War, disease, poverty, government, all demon work.  Close a doorway and another will appear.”

“Why aren’t you like the others?”

Gat, looked at her fingers and inhaled deeply.  Her eyes got glassy and she rubbed her nose.

“You don’t have to tell me.  It’s okay,” said Louise.

“Kindness,” said Gat.  “Mother was kind.”

Louise put her hand on Gat’s arm.  “Thank you.”

Gat nodded.

“I’m sorry for what happened to her.  You and Gau can stay with me, until we find a place where you’ll be safe and have more freedom.”


“Don’t do that,” whispered Louise.  “It’s difficult for me to deal with kindness and things like that, if you know what I mean.  I don’t know what to do with it.”

Gat out her hand on Louise’s leg, well it covered both ot them, but still.

“Have to tough to survive,” she sniffed.  “Soft you’re used and you die.”

Gat nodded.

“So it won’t matter if I close the doorway?”

“No,” said Gat.  Many ways to get here now.  Things are bad in this place and that makes it’s own doorways.  Attracts those in the Pit.”

Louise made a U-turn and drove to a donut shop.  She ordered four dozen donuts throught the drive-thru and then called her favorite pizza joint and ordered four a dozen, extra larges to go.

“Hungry,” said Gat.

“Likewise,” agreed Louise.  “So, any ideas how for stop the demons from coming here?  How to seal the Pit?”


“Yes?” said Louise, surprised.

“Donuts are good,” said Gat, reaching for her third one.

“Tell me how to get rid of the demons.”

“Get rid of the evil people who attract them.”

“Great,” sighed Louise.  “That’s not gonna happen girlfriend.”



“Demons like hate, war and violence.  It’s food.  They kill kindness because it burns them.  People here are violent, hateful.  They like that.  Makes them happy so they come.”

“Thanks Paula,” said Louise, taking the boxes of pizza in through the car window.”

“I don’t do curb service for anyone but you, you know,” said Paula.

“I know and I appreciate it.”

“Hey, you got rid of that thing in the basement, I owe you.  You get curb service for life.” They bumped knuckles and Louise and Gat were on their way home.

“Smells good,” said Gat, closing her eyes.

“Oh, Honey, you have no idea.”



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  1. Well then i guess we will never be rid of demons, huh?!

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