“So you cast a spell that would open a portal for pit demons to come through but you aren’t controlling what they do once they get here?”

“Not after they do the job for Daniel.  No.”

“Don’t you care that they could torment, maim and kill people?”

“Not really,” said Dorken.  “It was just a job.  I figured they would find their way back through the painting.  I don’t really deal in demons.  It’s not my kind of magick.  I just did it because the guy was willing to pay a fortune to get rid of the new guys setting up shop in his territory.”

“So no one was set up to send them BACK?”

“Not that I know of,” stammered Dorken.  “I guess I should have thought of that.”

“What kind of magick to you do?”  asked Louise, straddling his lap.

“Just a little of this and that, nothing too big.  Don’t want the Magical Controllers bothering me.”

“Tell me what a little of this and a little of that IS, or you’ll only wish your face felt as good as it does right now.”

“What IS your problem?  You get off on beating people up?”

Louise thought about it, then smiled.  “I have a lot of rage about the state of the world, magical and otherwise, so yeah, I like beating up the bad guys.”

“And you get to decide who’s bad?”

“I do.  How cool is that?”

“Uh,” said Shane.  “How much did you like this guy,” she said, looking at the body on the floor.

“He’s a new hire.”

“So, no relative?”

“No, why?”

“Not sure he’s actually alive right now.”

“Really?” huffed Louise.

“I told you I didn’t have the bugs in this thing worked out.”

“Sorry about that,” said Louise.  “Now tell me about your magick, or I’ll show you some of mine.”

“I’m a low level psychic.  I can tell people about those they have lost, if they haven’t been gone too long.  I can sometimes see into a persons future, if they have a certain kind of energy but I make most of my money by….”  he paused.

“Go on,” said Louise.

“Dogs like me.”


“They tell me when they’re unhappy and why.  I pass that information on to the people they live with and if they listen to me, everyone ends up happy.”

That’s what you do and yet you called pit demons to this plane?”

“I do know a few spells,” he said nervously

“You made a freaking portal to the PIT.”

“I didn’t know if it would even work.”

“Let me zap him,” said Shane.  “I turned down the power a little and he’s almost too stupid to let live.”

“In a minute,” said Louise.  “So here’s what’s going to happen Dorken.  I’m going to chip you. If you play with your usually magick I’ll know and I’ll leave you alone.  If you try to cast, I’ll know that as well and I will rip the magic from you the instance you mutter your second word. I won’t even have to be here to do it and you will never get your magic back. You will be just like every other human walking around asleep.  Do you understand?”

“Can you do that?”

Louise leaned forward and whispered into his ear, “Ask Max Cells, whether or not I can do it.”

“I heard he was sick.”

Louise laughed.  “Is that what he’s been telling people?”

“Yes,” said Dorken, nodding.

“Ask him about his magick. Better yet, ask him to show it to you.”

“Now can I zap him?”

“Hold on,” said Louise.  “What do you say Dorken?”

“Are you going to let her at me?” he asked, looking at Shane.

“Probably,” said Louise, as she shot a chip under the skin of Dorken’s shoulder. “If you try and take this out of your shoulder you’ll be dead in five minutes.  And believe me when I say that those five minutes will be the most painful minutes of your life.”

“That hurt,” he whined, rubbing his shoulder.  “Why are you going to let her zap me?  I’ve told you everything I know.”

“She needs to figure out the ratio, you heard her.”

“She might kill me.”

“You might have killed thousands of people by letting demons out of the pit.”

“That’s different.”


“The demons wouldn’t have killed me.”

“He’s all yours Shane.”

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