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Hi My Dog Sighs, it’s a great pleasure to meet you. I’ve always been fascinated by your “Eyes” murals, your “naive” little characters that can also be giants sometimes. As well as the reason for your painted tiny cans, i … Continue reading

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Mail art…

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Why should anyone have to ASK for freedom (which automatically means that others CONTROL WHO IS ALLOWED TO HAVE IT) in a country that calls itself a free country? Women were locked up, force fed, chained to cell doors, refused medical treatment, all because they wanted to be able to vote. But they did it and they kept doing it and they suffered and we should never forget these brave and fantastic women because AMERICA only gives freedom to those who are rich, white, males. It’s always been that way and it’s that way today and everyone else is still being tortured because they want to be free. This photograph is from 1917 and as long as patriarchy exists…it will never end.

Pinterest Anyone our government doesn’t like is considered to be a criminal.  American terrorists, include any and all who stand up for themselves, or protest what the government is doing.

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Great idea…

Pinterest Police in riot gear standing in front of regular people…people like their friends and family, ready to harm others for a difference of opinion,  

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Street art…


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“Five hours?, ” laughed Shane. “Too long?” “No, actually.  I think that’s just about right.  Did he notice the bookcases?” “He did.” “What do you think he’ll do while your gone?” “Not sure but Graywing will tell me when I … Continue reading

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