“I know we shouldn’t have stopped for ice cream,” groaned Shane.  “But Billy loved it and you had a hot fudge sundae, so stop complaining.”

“The fries were good,” grumbled Louise.  “But we need to get to…

Billy stopped walking and started growling, which quickly turned into a snarl, as he took off down a dark alley.

“I HATE dark alleys,” she said, running after him.

The growling stopped and so did Louise and Shane.  They both started to control their breathing so they could listen.  They heard Billy whimper, then there was nothing.  They ran toward the dog and saw him laying on his back while the demon rubbed his tummy.  The demon looked up and made a terrified noise.  Billy rolled to his feet and stood in front of the demon.

“He’s a baby,” said Shane.

“He’s afraid and lost,” said Louise.

“Woof,” said Billy, who then took the demon’s wrist in his mouth and walked him over to Louise.

“Thanks Billy,” she said staring at the demon.  “What’s your name?”

The demon started shaking but stopped once Billy leaned against him.

“Now what?” asked Shane.

“We can’t kill him, he’s a child,” whispered Louise.

“He will grow up, eventually.”

“But Billy likes him and he’s a Devil Dog with superior insight into good and evil.”

“You’re going to take him home, aren’t you,” said Shane, already knowing the answer.

“I guess,” said Louise, holding out her hand. “What else can I do?”

The demon shrank back in fear.  Billy moved forward and licked Louise’s outstretched hand.  “It’s okay,” said Louise, softly.  “I can help you.”

Eventually the demon moved forward and Louise touched his wrist.  “No one is going to hurt you.”

Meanwhile Shane heard footsteps down the alley, popped on her silencer and said, “Be back in a sec.”

The demon, who was a dark shade of midnight blue, looked at Louise through large, pitch black eyes. He stood about six three, was powerfully built, with big hands and feet.  “You’ll grow into yourself, so no worries,” she said,   “Billy was a tiny thing, with big paws and look at him now.  The demon looked at the dog.

Billy smiled and sneezed.  The demon laughed.

“You two ready to go?”

They both nodded and started walking.

“Is he dead?” asked Louise, once they found Shane and saw the body at her feet.

“He’s not breathing, if that’s what you mean.”

“I didn’t hear a shot.”

“New silencer.  I designed it and Joey made it.”

“What’s his deal?” asked Louise, looking at a man in his early sixties, with thin brown hair, wide hands with stubby fingers. His eyes were brown and he had wrinkles everywhere but around his eyes.  “I don’t think this guy had a good sense of humor.”

“He offered me money for the demon.  I said no, he’s just a kid.  He said he couldn’t care less how old he was and to get out of his way, or he’d make me get out of his way.  I told him to back off and he pulled a gun, so I discharged my pistol and he fell on the bullet.”

“You could have just hit him a couple of times and tied him up,” said Louise.

Shane, nodded.  “I could have, but eventually he would wake up and come after the kid again.”

“Good point,” said Louise, staring at the demon who was facing the wall.  Billy was leaning against him again.   “He has issues,” muttered Louise.  “He doesn’t seem to like violence.”

“I can see that, Sherlock,” sighed Shane.

“You need help with the body?”

“No.  Take them home. I’ll get there when I can.”

“You sure?” said Louise.

“Just go.”


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  1. a 6’3″ baby demon, lol!

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