Art and the philosophy of life


“Wolves?  In the yard?” hissed Steven.  “Are you absolutely mad?”

“Actually, Edith was right, they are sweet and the rabbit likes them.”

The rabbit likes them?” he whispered loudly.  “Can you hear what you’re saying, Lilly?”

“Why do you come over here, Steven?  I think you should just go on your merry way.  You don’t add anything to our lives, you just find fault and want to share your fear and anxiety with us. You’re a status quo fairy in an anti-status quo home.  That’s not something that will ever work, so goodby Steven, try not to step on your wings on the way out.”

“I NEVER!” he sputtered.

“No, you never…never did anything but follow the rules.  We make rules here, we don’t follow the ones made by others.”

“Did the Queen really come for dinner?” he asked, biting his lower lip, his wings folded neatly behind his back.

“No.  The Queen did not come for dinner, my sister did.”

“You’re a difficult woman, Lilly.”

“I’m not.  I’m someone you simply cant understand.”

“Are you working in the Palace now?”

“I am.”

“For the children?”


“You’re as beautiful as ever you know,”  he sighed, his eyes softening. “I wish I was good enough for you,” he muttered, as he turned to go.

“Steven,” said Lilly.  “I’m sorry we didn’t work out.”

“Never as sorry as I am, beloved.  Never as sorry as that.”

“What’s with Steven?” asked Edith, bumping into Lilly.  “He looks really sad.”

“Sometimes we make our own sadness, Love.  But nothing is forever and things can change at any time.”

“Thank you for getting the lists of names.  Weed and I are matching the children to their parents and asking if they would like to see them or meet them.  Most don’t know what to do because they’ve never really known anything but Fairy and now that they are safe and happy, they don’t want to leave.”

“Then they can stay.”

“At least they have a choice, even if it’s a lopsided one.”

“Yes, Love.  At least they have that.”

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