Art and the philosophy of life


“Do you have a few moments?” asked Buttercup.

“Yes.  I think I’ve seen all the sparkly things, so they won’t be as distracting.”

They sat on an overturned log and watched the dancers float across the floor.

“I’ll never be able to do that,” said Edith.  “I’m way too big and heavy.  Being half human makes a difference.”

“Your father and I are going to move back to Fairy and we were hoping that you would visit often and get to know us better.”

“I want to stay with Lilly.”

“I know that.  We would just like it if you would come over now and then.”

“Okay,” said Edith.  “Will you help me find the real Edith?”

“What will we do when we find her?” asked Buttercup.

“Take her home and admit what was done,” said Edith.

“Do you think her parents will believe that she was stolen by fairies?”

“Probably not but I have to do it anyway.”

“What if Edith doesn’t want to go home?”

“She might not but I think she should have the choice.  She doesn’t even know where to look for her real parents.  She doesn’t know who she is.”

“I’ll help you,” said Buttercup.

“Thank you.”

“We’re not getting a cat, you know.  Steven said fairies are like birds to them, so it’s a bad idea.”

“Indeed,” said Buttercup shivering a bit.

“Did you know that Sprites were discriminated against?”


“Did you have any friends who were Sprites?”

“I did.  I mean I do,” said Buttercup, smiling.  “Her name is Radish because she has red hair.  She’s right over there,” she added, nodding to the Sprite who seemed to be yelling at Three. One hand on her hip, the other pointing to the punchbowl.”

“Three just pulled her sister out of the bowl,” said Edith.  “Three is my friend.”

“Buttercup waved her hand in the air and Radish looked toward her and waved back.  She said a few more things to Three and then flew toward them.

“So this is Bluebell,” she said, staring at her.  “Hmmm, she’s cute for a part human but can she fly?”

“No, I cannot fly,” said Edith, defensively, but I bet you can’t do some of the things that I can do either.”

“I like her,” said Radish, grinning.  “I like her a lot.”

Buttercup laughed.  “She’s friends with Three, you know.”

“She was supposed to be watching her sister but instead…”

“She was talking to me,” said Edith, “so I’m as much to blame as she is.”

Radish landed on Buttercup’s palm. “How did you ever produce a kid this smart?”

“Luck, I guess,” laughed Buttercup.

“Fairy isn’t that different from the human world, you know,” said Edith.  “You’re meaner but you tease each other and have friends.  You discriminate and are prejudice, but that’s part of the meanness, I guess.  You’re prettier, that’s for sure, and your clothes are beyond beautiful and you can fly and light things up.  Humans are dark by comparison.  Not being able to lie is certainly different.  I don’t know if humans ever tell the truth.  That could be because they don’t know what the truth is, of course.  You have a government and you can kill the people you want to kill, so that’s the same.  It’s lovely here, but the human world can be lovely in some places.  We can have cats and that’s a big plus.  But basically, they are the same.  I haven’t been here long enough to know if that’s true, however, but that’s my best guess at the moment.”

Buttercup and Radish stared at her.  “She’s right,” said Buttercup.

“I know,” sighed Radish.  “But right now I have to stop Bean from diving into the punchbowl again.”

“I like her,” said Edith.  “That makes me like you better as well.  You went against the rules by having her as a friend.  I wish you would have cared enough about me to do the same thing.”

Comments on: "Edith…Twelve" (2)

  1. The last line is a zinger!!! Fab!
    I was an abandoned child. I so relate to this.

    • I’m sorry that happened to you but truthfully, you turned out to be fantastic and maybe, if you didn’t go through that you would have ended up being ordinary. Instead…wow, Resa, you are an amazing and beautiful person who creates incredible things. You needed space to be able to grow into that. You are well loved and appreciated by all of us. ❤ ❤ I'm glad you are finding things you like, or relate to, in the story. Thank you.

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