Art and the philosophy of life


“Fairies really like sparkly stuff, don’t they,” said Edith, looking around the gigantic outdoor gala.”

Fairy lights were everywhere.  Strips of gossamer were hanging from polls and glitter was sparkling on tables, trees and the lawn.  The entire world seemed to have been turned into a giant snow globe.  Strange but compelling music was coming from the trees and birds were singing in harmony.

“It’s all so beautiful,” said Edith, slowly, trying to look at everything at once.

“I never get tired of seeing it,” sighed Lilly.  “Never.  You know beauty is what makes life worthwhile.  It’s like tiny rays of sunshine that nudge themselves into otherwise ordinary days.”

“Do you really have ordinary days in Fairy?  It doesn’t seem like it.”

Lilly laughed.  “Of course we do, Love.”

Buttercup walked toward them, a smile on her lips.  “Edith, I’m happy to see you.  Can we talk for a moment?”

“I don’t think I could concentrate right now.  There’s so much to  look at and so many sparkles,” said Edith, turning in circles.

“Maybe later then,” said Buttercup.

“Okay,” mumbled Edith, smiling at something that looked like a gigantic lightening bug.

“That’s a tiny Sprite,” whispered Lilly.  “Hold out your hand and be still.”

The sprite flew around Edith’s outstretched hand and then landed.  She was dressed in a scrap of gauze the color of a pink rose bud.  Her wings stopped moving and she stared at Edith.

“Hi,” said Edith.

“Hello, new child.”

“I’m almost eleven, so I’m no longer new but things might be different here, I’m not sure.”

“My name is Three,” said the Sprite.  “And your name is Bluebell.”

“It is but I only found out about that two days ago.  I was raised by humans and they called me Edith.”

“So are you Bluebell Edith?”

“I’m not sure.”

“It was nice meeting you,” said Three.  “I think my little sister just fell into a punchbowl so I must be off.”

“If you need help getting her out, let me know,” said Edith.

“Excuse me?”

“I said, if you need help getting your sister out of the punchbowl, just tell me and I’ll help you.”

Three looked at Lilly, who smiled at her.

“Thank you Bluebell Edith,” she said softly.  “You are very kind.”

“I haven’t actually done anything.”

Three flew away.

“I like her.  Maybe we can be friends.”

Lilly looked at her and said, “Maybe you can be.”

“You both look beautiful,” said Steven grandly, his arms held out to encompass them.  “My lovely ex and my lovely granddaughter.”

“You look nice too,” said Edith, blushing.  “I’ll never be as beautiful as the real fairies but I’m okay with that and I think I just made a friend.”

“You are as beautiful as anyone here,” said Steven, in a way that made Edith feel as if the subject was settled and closed.  “And I’m happy to hear that you have a new friend.”

“Her friend’s name is Three,” said Lilly, staring at him.

“Three?”  he asked, frowning.  “You mean Three, the Sprite?”

“Oh, you know her?” asked Edith excitedly.  “Her sister fell into one of the punch bowls.”

“He knows her,” said Lilly

“Yes, well, but she’s a Sprite,” he whispered.

“I know,” said Edith, looking at him.

“Sprites usually work for fairies, they aren’t really friends,” he said, nodding a bit.

“Well, it’s a good thing I’m half human then because humans can be friends with Sprites and I’m proof of that.  Humans can be friends with anyone, or anything.  I don’t have to be prejudice or discriminatory, which are both very bad ways to be.  Lilly said we can get a cat.”

“She did?” said Steven, his eyes wide.

“Yes, she did.”

“How very…interesting.”

“What do you mean?” asked Edith.  “Lilly said she liked cats.”

“Oh, she does, she does.  It’s just that cats like to….”

“Cats like to catch and play with fairies, Love,” said Lilly.  “We seem like birds to them, so we have to be very careful when they are near.”

“We probably shouldn’t get one then,” said Edith, horrified.

“Probably not,” said Steven, biting his bottom lip.

“He does that when he’s nervous,” said Lilly softly.  “He’s biting his lip because he wants you to be happy but he’s afraid to have a cat live with us.”

“I bet he learned to bite his lip from his human parents.  Humans do a lot of strange things like that.”

“She’s right,” sighed Steven.  “She’s absolutely right.  Humans do a lot of strange things like that.”

Edith nodded.  “They really are.”





Comments on: "Edith…Eleven" (5)

  1. Aww, she can’t get a cat!!

  2. So true. They can fly sometimes. 🙂 They are the best hunters on the planet. Emma is doing great, thank you. She’s adorable. I’ve talked to her quite a few times about her hunting things and she has been excellent. However, I went out to play with her at one in the morning and she had just caught something. She was upset that I saw what she did. I fed her and went in the house because I couldn’t clean it up. I was sad and just couldn’t do it. When I woke up the patio was absolutely spotless and she kept rubbing against my legs to apologize. She’s a cat. It’s what she does but she doesn’t leave things where I can see them. She’s a beautiful cat and like Cabbage, we love them for who they are. ❤

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