“Why do I have to be introduced to the Court?”

“Everyone who moves into Fairy must be presented before the Queen and King.”


“That’s the way it is.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

“A lot of things don’t make any sense, Edith, yet we continue to do them out of habit, ritual or threat of death.”

“Threat of DEATH?”

“Yes, well, you did ask, Love.”

“They’ll kill me?”

“I hope not and if they kill you, they will probably kill me as well.  It’s a tricky thing, so pay attention.  These are the rules:  Your name will be called.  You will enter the High Chamber, with me walking behind you.   Do not turn to look at me, always stare straight ahead, your gaze no higher than the feet of the Queen and King.  Do NOT look them in the eyes and whatever you do DON’T SAY A SINGLE WORD.  Just stand there, look beautiful, and if they ask you a question, answer as briefly as possible and be POLITE.  Say, “Yes, Your Majesty,”  or “No Your Majesty,”  or, “Thank you Your Majesty.”

“Really?  That’s a lot of majesties, isn’t it?”

“Continue to avert your eyes.  Remember that it’s an honor to be in their presence, so act accordingly.  Don’t fidget, or smile, or move at all.  You will eventually be dismissed, at which time you are to bow toward the Queen and King, turn toward me, and walk briskly out of the double doors.  Do you understand?”

“It’s kind of like being in a play, isn’t it?”

“It’s exactly like being in a play and if you don’t remember your lines, you can be…”


“I was going to say fired, but killed is another alternative.”

“They really take themselves seriously, don’t they.”

“There are rules for everything in Fairy.  Everything.  We break them at our peril.”

“I thought Fairy would be a lot nicer and more fun, but it seems like being in prison.”

“Hmmm, that’s another place you could end up and you wouldn’t like it there, believe me.”

“I should think not.”

“You’re only half fairy, so the Queen may ask whether or not you plan on staying with us.”

“I’ll tell her that I had planned on it but there are so many rules….”

“NO!  You say, ‘Yes, Your Majesty, I plan on staying.  Thank you.”

“I say that?”

“Yes, you say that exactly.”

“Why are they so mean?”

“Because they can be and don’t EVER say that to anyone else.”

“Why not?  Don’t you have free speech?”

“No one has free speech, Love.  Human or Fairy, no one.  We all say what we’re allowed to say.”

“Does Tinker Bell live here?”

“She does.”

“She’s real?” gasped Edith.

“Of course she’s real.”

“Where am I going to get a dress?”

“One is being made for you, Love.  All blue, to go with your name.  You will look beautiful.  Your shoes will match and so will the flowers in your hair.”

“Can one of the wolves come with me?”

“No wolves, just me.”

“Okay, but I talk a lot.”

“Not in Court you don’t,” said Lilly, seriously.

“What if the Queen sends me on a quest?”

“Why ever would she do that?” asked Lilly, taken back.

“I don’t know, I was just wondering, I guess.  Is it time for lunch?”

“Yes,” sighed Lilly again.  “It is.  What would you like?”

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6 Responses to Edith…Seven

  1. Threat of death!! Gosh, things are getting dramatic, aren’t they? I am really enjoying this, it’s lovely! I love dialogue, it’s my favourite part of every story 😀 😀

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