Okay, so…

People used to be afraid of dying.  A lot of people are still afraid of dying but nowadays, there’s a whole group of people who are afraid of not being able to die.  Worried they will be warehoused with no escape possible, they grit their teeth and wonder if they should kill themselves before that happens.   No one wants to be kept alive for economic reasons/greed.  Kept alive when there is no quality of life.  These are horrifying and nightmarish realities for a lot of people.

Many people aren’t afraid of being dead, they are afraid of what it might take to get there. Whether you believe in an afterlife or not, hell can be right here on earth if you are a prisoner who is no longer in charge of your own life.  These acts of cruelty and greed are just one more red flag, warning us about the road we are walking down.  Greed has no end point.  None at all.

I don’t think The Right to Die, should only be for those who are critically ill.  I think we should be able to leave, with help from a physician, anytime life becomes unbearable. No one can decide when life no longer worth living, for another person.

And yes, of course, I know that we all go through a bad patch now and then.  I realize that people can get over, or get through, those times. but for many, there’s no reason to stay and those people should be helped to the door.   It seems reasonable for doctors, who are supposed to ease pain, to give aid to those who no longer wish to be here.

Will there be mistakes?  Definitely, there are always mistakes.  Mistakes in keeping people alive and mistakes in letting them die.  But our system does not allow for personal choice. Kevorkian tried to help desperately ill people and he was thrown into jail.  All he did was show people how to leave.  He didn’t actually kill them, he just told them how to walk through the door.  He tried to help those who were suffering, those who couldn’t get help from anyone else.  He wanted doctors to start helping people check out.  He recorded what he did.  People cried with gratitude for being able to end their own suffering.  To me, life shouldn’t be never ending suffering and pain.  It serves no purpose and forget that stuff about lessons learned.  Who cares?  People should be allowed to decide what and how much they want to learn, it shouldn’t be up to the status quo…ever.  People who aren’t suffering have no right to tell those who are, what they should do, or how they should live, or die. Free Will should include leaving when you are ready to go.  (Whether or not we actually have free will, is a discussion for another time.)

If we get to the point where people understand that it’s okay to leave when you’re ready, it will be accepted and incorporated into our culture.  We will look back and think about how terrible it was, to have lived in a time where people were forced to continue living when they no longer wanted to do so.  We will be shocked by the barbaric belief system we once followed.

Remember, there was a time when divorce was shameful and unacceptable.  When “living together,” horrified people.  When having a child out of “wedlock,” was completely unacceptable and people were forced to LIE about where the baby came from, or where someone’s daughter went.  I could go on, but you know what I mean.  We get over things quickly.   Being able to die when you want to die should be one of those things that work for us.  That’s all I’m saying.  No one has to choose death, it would simply be an option that would make life less stressful and easier for a lot of people who could relax, knowing they had a ticket out, ready and waiting.

Now, here’s the thing…the same people who try and shove their religious and patriarchal beliefs/dogma down our throats will rise up and start screaming at the top of their lungs (those are the same people who can afford to do what they tell others they can’t do, by the way).  Just like choice, gay marriages and everything else they don’t like, they will be yelling.  The FACT is, THEY don’t have to actually DO any of those things.  It’s NONE of their business.  Those things have nothing to DO with the people who don’t want to take advantage of what’s being offered to those who actually want to participate.  But self-righteous people just can’t shut up and leave other people alone.  No one bothers them. No one is forcing them to marry a same sex partner, to have an abortion, to let a person on life support go, but they will picket and scream and write laws, all in a disgusting effort to stop OTHERS from doing what they want to do.  That will happen with the Right to Die effort, as well. No one will make them choose death, but they will try and stop others from dying because they just can’t stop wanting their own way.  There should be a LAW against those people…but those are the people who often write the laws and that’s why we’re in the mess we’re in.  They won’t let US decide anything for THEM…but somehow, the know-it-alls, feel free to decide our fate.

Hey, I’m just sayin’.


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4 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. Resa says:

    Here, here!!!! Is there a basic Right To Die law in the states. We finally have one here, although it is only for the seriously ill.

    • Ours is crawling along state by state and you have to jump through hoops to finally get the help you want. You could die by the time all the doctors, shrinks, etc., sign off on your case. It’s terrible. As I said, those that exist are just for that state, no blanket rolling or law for everyone, so if you live in Illinois you’re out of luck, even though people want the law passed. It’s being worked on but the law itself is cumbersome and again, takes to long to implement.

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