Up until recently MEN wrote ALL the definitions for everyone/thing, which meant that WHITE MALES defined the world.  How pathetic is that?  Sig lived from 1856 to 1939.  People from 1939 are alive today, so it wasn’t that long ago.  Anyway, his theory of Penis Envy (hold on while I laugh and then throw up), was believed to be true. Some people still believe it today, as if the cigar wasn’t a dead giveaway.   If Sig would have asked a women she would have told them that the only thing women envied WAS THE FREEDOM MEN HAD OVER THEIR OWN LIVES.  But, of course, no one ever asked a anything woman because women didn’t count.  Women weren’t allowed to define themselves, they were defined by pompous, egomaniacal, white males, who knew nothing about them.  Nothing has changed.

So, we have a man, photographed with his beloved cigar, who obviously has an ‘oral fixation,’ telling the world that women are envious of the part of male anatomy which can be used as a weapon against them.  Yeah, Sig baby, try again.  But see, definitions written by people who know nothing about what they are writing about  STILL become part of our reality.  This is just one example of that kind of idiocy.  It’s EVERYWHERE.  All kinds of things define women and minorities and they are lies.  All kinds of wonderful things define white males and they are also LIES.  But the people who write the definitions get to TELL US WHAT’S TRUE AND WHAT’S NOT TRUE and that’s why we can’t believe anything they say.

Sig couldn’t get out of his own head if someone offered to cut it off.  Everything he said was dominated by HIS OWN maleness and sexual problems.  Men don’t have a clue about women, even today…they know nothing.  The medical definition we are forced to accept are all for men and women die because of that.  Women still don’t count.

All our definitions work for the benefit of males.  Women are judged, labeled and defined by a bunch of morons who actually believe they know what their doing when they don’t.

We have been trained to believe there are experts when, in fact, the people defining us don’t have a clue and their writing comes from their own conditioning/brainwashing and beliefs.  Beliefs that were simply made up by another group of men.  It never ends.  Everything comes from their own narrow world view.  Men cannot define women.  Period.  They should not be allowed to define us or write laws that hurt and hinder our lives.  They should bloody well admit they know nothing and get out of our way.  Women and minorities are still not represented in any way that matters.  It’s still the white males and, unfortunately, some of the women and minorities who slip in are only there because they represent the white male view point.  Not all of them, but some.  So, don’t believe anything you read or hear until you ask yourself one question…who benefits from these words and who doesn’t.

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4 Responses to Definitions…3

  1. taphian says:

    great, great, wonderful! you speak right out of my soul, thanks a lot, regards Mitza

  2. Unfortunately, words are not enough. We need to change the way people are indoctrinated and the way they think and pass the same garbage on to every generation.

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