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2 Responses to Truth…

  1. True. Humans somehow came to believe that they are the most elevated form of life. I think that it could have been cemented by one of the many misinterpretations of the bible. Having been given our huge egos…..mostly…..humans think they can control everything. Animal nature is pure and uncomplicated so can we come to have respect for that?

    • I agree. I was at an Animal Right’s Conferees and they were talking about the bible. No one would recognize me, my hand in the air. I looked like Hermione LOL So I stood on my chair and just started talking. I ripped their concepts to shreds because it was all lies based on white male assumptions and ego. Sometimes you just have to stand on a chair to get things done. Human ego knows no bounds. Self righteous mammals. Animals are better than we are in so many ways and we could learn wonderful things from them. The only thing humans are good at is killing.

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