The danger of definitions…

We “look up” words.  We search for definitions when we need clarity or don’t know the meaning of a word or concept.  Here’s the problem with that.  Definitions are written by people who have a certain world view, or a certain agenda.   They are written by people of a certain class.  They are written FOR a certain class of people, usually white males.  We know this because in the past, certain ethnic groups were not ALLOWED to learn how to read or write.

Definitions manipulate the way we think about things.  They can make us believe that something bad, is actually good.  Definitions are not TRUTHS, they are words used to sway us,  to make us think about things in a particular way.  In a patriarchal society definitions have been written by white males, so everything comes to us from the white male viewpoint.  Those viewpoints are not kind to others.   I

Men define weapons of war as peace missiles.  They twist thinking.  They define anyone who is not a white male as less.  They just plain lie.  The definitions we are GIVEN are simply ways of controlling what we think.  I’m not talking about the definition of a tree. We can see a tree but we can’t see racism, sexism and all the other “isms” that make up our language and definitions. Those things are included in everything we read, see and hear and we are expected to believe them and act accordingly.

I’ve been having a discussion with another blogger about labels and definitions. Definitions are simply labels that use more than one word to describe someone or some thing.  The people who write/make up definitions get paid for doing it.  They are working for someone.  They are writing from their own experience/POV.  They may have a particular agenda that will make a certain segment of the population look like less.  They may slant their words to blame others for what happens in society.  If the definition is based on “data,” we have to know where the data came from, who interpreted it and what was in it for them?  Data can easily be manipulated to serve a specific purpose.  Definitions can lie.  Data can also be blind and not realize it’s excluding whole segments of the population or not including the impact society has upon the subject/s.   In other words, data is never pure, all inclusive and neither are definitions.

Think of all the outrageous definitions that people have believed through the years.  All of them were written by white males to keep women and minorities out of competition with themselves.  None of the definitions were true.  They were ways of keeping people down. Nothing has changed.  Don’t believe what you read.  Brainwashing and conditioning are subtle. The things that are shoved into our brains by those in power, seem “normal, the way things are”…but they’re not.  The earth was once defined as FLAT and people believed that, so you know we can’t believe what we’re told.

Definitions make problems where none exist.  They pit us against each other.  Portraying one gender or race as better than another is hateful but that’s what has always been done. Our lives are edited by others through definitions and training.  We can never believe the definitions we are given.  We can’t believe anything that doesn’t include the voice of everyone.   We are being force fed the agenda of white males, it’s that simple.  And remember definitions really are made up, slanted and used to keep us from seeing the truth.

EVERYTHING we are exposed to is used to get us to see things the way others want us to see them.  You see cattle grazing in open fields but they don’t show you the downed cows, dying, unable to stand, before they are slaughtered and put on your plate.  We never see the truth.  We only see what they want us to see.  Don’t ever forget that.  Alternate facts have always been a reality.


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