Okay, so…

We don’t seem to realize that the only reason we exist is because of the perfect mix chemicals/gases, the right amount of oxygen, the perfect temperature, distance from the sun, our orbit, our position in the Milky Way, and all the rest.  We are currently living in a Goldilocks environment.  That environment is fragile.  It could change in a second.  Still, we expect to get up each morning and have things be the same as they were the day before.  A slight dip in the temps, a rise in the oceans, a change in the oxygen levels, less sunlight and it’s a whole new ball game…one that could be our final at bat.

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, our environment is what keeps us ALIVE.  We need bees, we need everything we have to continue to exist.  It’s not a story or lies, it’s real.  Too long a winter and crops fail.  We run out of fuel and people die. We die for a lot of reasons, too hot, too cold, not enough food, resources, clean water, etc. and yet we have not my president deciding environmental policy.  A human-like person who is ignorant, uneducated (they aren’t the same thing), an egomaniacal elitist, who is selfish, insane, greedy, out of touch with reality and totally incapable of deciding anything at all.   We have already reached the edge from which we may never return, in many environmental areas.  The environment isn’t a joke.  It’s not something that can be brushed aside and dealt with at a later date.  If he keeps screwing there won’t be a later date.  When people say, “This is what we’re leaving for future generations,” I think they are being overly optimistic.  I don’t know how many generations will actually have a future.

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