Okay, so…

I was walking past the salad bar in the grocery store today and noticed that they had put little signs with the amount of calories in front of every single thing.  Insane.  They could at least put a flap over that, so those of us who don’t want to know don’t have to see that it’s 620 calories for a spoon of something.  I never buy anything from the salad bar but the point is that more joy is being sucked out of life.

I was talking to the guy in produce and mentioned it.  He said, in a growly voice, “You can thank the government for that.”  I said I wouldn’t thank the government for anything and he agreed.  I told him that their sales were going to go down because people would stop buying the food once they saw how many calories were in a spoonful and he agreed.

I think this is being done on purpose…just like everything else.  It’s one more way to demoralize the masses, to take happiness away from us.  It the way to promote depression and misery.  The government wants everyone to be unhappy because unhappy people just watch more TV and grumble, then go to bed.  Happy people ignore the government and just live their lives drinking chocolate malts and eating cake.  That’s how life is supposed to be.  That’s what the government doesn’t want us to have.  We have no idea if the calorie numbers on the wee cards are even correct.  They could write anything on those little cards and we wouldn’t know it was wrong.  We’re idiots who will believe ANYTHING.  I’m not afraid of food and I don’t believe the numbers are correct.  I think it’s another hateful tactic to destroy the quality of life.  The government is the great destroyer of joy, quality of life and freedom…now they have their fingers in our food.  *%@Z&+ them.

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