Some of Jesse’s latest pottery…2 pictures

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5 Responses to Some of Jesse’s latest pottery…2 pictures

  1. Resa says:

    Okay, we are talking major talent here. I want my coffee in this cup every morning!!!!

    • I have more pictures. She brought everything home because it’s the end of the semester. She’s definitely having fun and getting better all the time. She always tells me about the tiny mistake here or this should be thinner here. I keep telling her no one notices the things she’s talking about but she notices everything. Perfectionist, when it comes to pottery. I’ll put more on tomorrow. And thank you so much for liking her work. ❤

      • Resa says:

        One of my first sweaters I knit for the film industry was 1 stitch out in the left armhole. I was humiliated when the award winning designer came to pick it up. I said “I’m a stitch out.”
        She asked where? I pointed to the exact spot. She squinted and drew the spot in question, to her eye. As she pulled the sweater away, she rumbled “you’ll never work this town again!”
        Hahaha! it way her way of saying, almost perfect is perfect.
        I say this to Jesse

  2. Perfect way of looking at it! I’ll tell her what you said. Thank you.

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