Okay, so…Arthur, Guinevere and Lance, Frida, Diego and Princess Diana

Arthur, Guinevere and Lance…considered to be a great love story and a great betrayal.  It is both.  So, here’s the thing.  They fell in love.  Could they have not fallen in love? Does love take away choice?  Is love in charge and we must follow? Could they have made different decisions?  Should they have made different decisions, for Arthur’s sake?  Should they have gone to him and explained what was going on, rather than sneak behind his back?  Was lying worse than telling him the truth?  Should she have stayed true to Arthur and denied their love for each other?  Does it matter that she loved someone else?  Could Lance have left?  Should he have left?  Would their lives be miserable if he had gone, since she had nowhere to go, it was up to him to leave.  Once they were together, should they have just stayed together and been happy? Why did they punish themselves by splitting up?  Is guilt stronger than love?  She went into the convent and he rode away and did what…we’ll never know.  What was the point of destroying all three lives?  In some of the stories Arthur forgives them and takes Guinevere back…but why?  She loved someone else.  Lance, his best friend, is horrified by his desire for Arthur’s wife but can’t seem to stop himself from wanting her and sleeping with her.  And Arthur, trusting or simply blind?

This is actually a common occurrence.  Frida’s husband, Diego (gag), slept with her sister, or should I say that her sister slept with her husband.  Frida didn’t speak to her sister for years.  Her sister was sorry????  Really?  Again…no control over their bodies I guess and her sister knew how Frida felt about his cheating, so did Diego who was an idiot…name calling is allowed in this case.  Either way, people you love will screw you over, time and time again (pun intended), even if your a king, or an artist/activist…and look what happened to Princess Diana.

So, I’m thinking that something is wrong with the system.  If we stopped believing that you can only be in love with one person at a time and that that time should last until death, maybe a lot of problems would vanish and broken hearts wouldn’t be so common.  On the other hand, the free love of the 60s didn’t work out all that well, at all.  It seems that love will attached itself to someone and then monogamy follows in its wake, at least for a little while.

I don’t have any answers I just know that people make promises they can’t always keep. Some mean what they say when they say it but there are those who never mean what they say at all.

Camelot fell because two people cheated on someone they both cared for and would have died for…at least Lancelot would have.  So maybe passion is stronger than loyalty…stronger than anything, since we know how many lives it ruins.  Passion is a strong and often destructive emotion.  It plays with our ability to think, turns our hormones up, or down, and just laughs like crazy as it pushes people to destroy their own lives.  Happens all the time, everyday, everywhere.  Just one more thing that’s wrong with humans.   One…more…thing.

I still wish that Frida would have stabbed Diego with the sharpened end of a paint brush.  Maybe next time.

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6 Responses to Okay, so…Arthur, Guinevere and Lance, Frida, Diego and Princess Diana

  1. gserpent says:

    King Arthur is the biblical Jesus and Guinevere is Mary Magdalene. These are occult stories of the true biblical family. Lancelot is their son. That’s why the stories portray it as a forbidden love. It was incest. Incest was an Egyptian custom. The stories of asking Arthur were written to keep true history alive.

    • I’m not sure what to say. I don’t believe in the bible and it’s one sided man-made egomaniacal stories, so it’s hard for me to relate to this. Arthur’s mother was raped by his father who pretended to be her actual husband. After her husband died he did become her husband but at the time he made a deal with Merlin, promising him the child that would be born, if he changed him into a man who looked like her husband, so that he could sleep with her. Merlin took Arthur out of his screaming mother’s arms the night he was born. Guinevere was not known to Arthur until he met her when she came to marry him. The Knights of the Round Table came from different kingdoms, or were raised in other places and found their way to Arthur. I believe Jesus and Magdalene were married. I believe they had kids. I can’t see them as Arthur and Guinevere, however, and I can’t see Lancelot as their son, since he would be the same age as Guinevere. I don’t know how to put it together because it doesn’t make sense. The Arthurian tale is so ingrained in my mind…with Avalon, the Lady of the Lake, etc., it would destroy the myth if it had religious connotations, at least for me. I’d have to walk away from it, since I don’t want to give any credit to religious stories because I don’t want to foster a belief in them, if you know what I mean. I’m thinking that the story of Arthur and Guinevere can stand for many things and be interpreted in different ways, like all good stories. And wasn’t incest/marriage in Egypt between siblings, to keep the line going?

      • gserpent says:

        Jesus and Mary Magdalen were Egyptian, they were the great grandchildren of Cleopatra. Camelot is the first clue. Kam was a name for Egypt and if you referred to someone being from there it was Kamelos. Next clue is Arthur, the original name for Egypt was Atur and so King Arthur becomes King of the Egyptians. In the Celtic language Arthur is the Great Bear in the sky or Arthur’s cosmic wagon(the big dipper). In the northern hemisphere if you look up at night the Great Bear is the center of the zodiac. Arthur is the center of his round table.
        The story of the rape of Arthurs mother is occult and needs some explaining. In truth Jesus mother was a very powerful queen. The rape of her in the legends is showing how the patriarchs have raped the true history of this family. The the church marries her by using her as he mother of their god son Jesus. Avalon is code for the prison they threw Jesus in for starting the Jewish War, this prison is in Britain. Lady of the Lake is Morgan le Fey and she is Martha who went to the prison to be with Jesus. The lake referring to the bloodline of this very rich family. The knights were the disciples and they were all family. They did come from different kingdoms, kingdoms they ruled. The scribes are trying to show the lies of the bible hear without getting burned at the stake. Historians that know the truth are now starting to use Arthurian Legends to find the truth of the biblical family. Sorry if I ruin Arthurian legends for you. That is the hardest part of my work, exposing the truth is not pretty. These legends are not religious they are truth. The bible is nothing but lies about this royal family. They took a matriarch family and created a patriarch religion with the lies.

  2. I woke up thinking about what you wrote and it suddenly made perfect sense. I realized the knights were the disciples and I figured out a couple of other things. I was hoping that you would write a more detailed explanation and you did. Thank you. I agree that the bible is nothing but lies in every way. I always knew Mary was a powerful woman and had to be stripped of that power just like all women everywhere. Avalon as a prison…I can see it but the “Mists of Avalon,” an island of Goddesses and women who heal…was such a lovely thought. But I can see that women would be imprisoned there, so that makes perfect sense that they were held there. Women are still prisoners, of course, kept in houses and isolated from each other but that’s a story for another time. I truly appreciate the time you spent telling me the truth about the Arthurian tale and it didn’t spoil it for me, not really. It just expanded it. The disciples like the knights, were used to kill ideas and truth. I’m still not seeing Guinevere and Lance clearly but the rest of it has fallen into place. Merlin must have stood for patriarchy with his plots and manipulation. Thank you again.

  3. columntribe says:

    The precious one that glowed like a flame,
    In our hearts she still continues to reign….
    Please read this tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales, here: https://columntribe.wordpress.com/2017/08/12/20-years-but-still-the-inspiring-soul/

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