Arthur of Albion…a book review

This is a beautifully made book.  High quality paper and the artwork is lovely.  The book is about individual knights and their backstories.  It’s also about Arthur, nothing about Guinevere except for a mere whisper of her name, now and then.  It  deviates from the usual fable in quite a few ways.  The stories where women are included (they save the knights by freeing them and caring for them) have women starving themselves to death when the knights do not return their love, so that made me unhappy with the whole book. Apparently there wasn’t a single female alive who could live without some man who didn’t care for her because he was so in love with himself and that’s how the knights were portrayed.  This is a male dominated book and all women are just there to be used and clean up after men. Men are heroes and women are nothing, so I would definitely not recommend this book to any girls.

There are other tellings of Camelot that include women and show the power of the Lady of the Lake and Guinevere herself.  I also don’t like that they changed the story as much as they did, although the flap states the author has credentials behind him.  Don’t care, actually.  The knights seem like pompous children, having to prove themselves over and over again by killing things/people.  Arthur wants stories told to him every night before dinner and the knights are nervous when there is no questing story to be told.  Silly. Again, no females need apply.  Females have no place in this version of Arthur’s kingdom.  Barely deserve a mention.  Skip it…there are far better stories out there.

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