Okay, so…

We have been told that we are made of stardust, that we are pure energy, that we are all one.  We have been told that a butterfly moving it’s wings in Japan, affects all of us.  We have been told that when one suffers, we all suffer.  We have been told a million things by physicists, astronomers, poets, writers, philosophers, ad infinitum…and we just keep getting more aggressive, more war like, more hateful, more violent, more sexist, racist and cruel with every passing day.

See, here’s the thing…it doesn’t matter what we are made out of.  It doesn’t even matter what we are.  The only thing that actually counts is how we act and our actions are destroying life and the planet itself.

The important thing is INTENT.  Stardust, as far as I know, doesn’t have any intent.   I don’t believe that it intended to be part of us, since it’s part of everything by simply existing…so, we aren’t special because we are part stardust, it’s just the way things are and everything is stardust.   Energy doesn’t seem to have an AGENDA.  It can do a lot of things but I don’t think it can hold a grudge or plot to destroy everything it touches.  I don’t believe there is good energy and bad energy, just energy that does it’s thing, just because it’s energy and no thought process is involved.

As humans, we  don’t really know what we are, who we are, or what we’re supposed to do while we are imprisoned on this spinning rock.  There is no answer, although, I kind of like the idea of us as an alien thing coming to earth and inhabiting the animal bodies (ours), just for fun.  We don’t know that that isn’t true.  It could be, just like everything else.  We are looking out of our bodies and using them to get us where we want to go.  That thing that drives them/us…we have no idea what it is.  There are no answers.  Everything is made up.

Anyway,  I digress.  My point is, pretty ideas, words, sayings and beliefs cannot hide the fact that we are the destroyers of life…because all one has to do is look around and see that it’s true.  Deforestation, fracking, poisoning the oceans, wiping out entire cultures and species, killing animals for food and fun, warring and hating.  Making wars into big business, no matter how many die.  We are the aliens on a lush, beautiful, full of life blue planet in space.  We are a species, brought from somewhere else, that destroys everything in it’s new habitat.  That’s US.

The thing is, I’ve always believed that things didn’t have to be the way they are but I don’t believe that any longer.  Maybe this really IS what we are.  Invaders that strip and kill planets, one after the other.  Destroying life, wherever we find it.  Like a disease that wipes out a hundred thousand people at a time.  Unstoppable…just another killing machine. Heartless, cruel, unencumbered by warmth, love or right and wrong…just death and greed, and a never ending hunger for violence and suffering.

You may think that’s a cynical way to look at things but I think anything else is simply closing our eyes to what’s going on.  If we look around we see world poverty, starvation, hunger, thirst, death, disease, and destruction.  Like the speaker in the TED Talk/s I put on my blog today…men miss war because they felt connected in a way that none of us understand. They have a hard time when they come home because there’s NOTHING here.  We join together in times of crisis and then immediately drift apart when it’s over.  Something is wrong with us…something is missing…or maybe we have to face the fact that this is just who and what we are.  If we accept the fact that humans are death, violence, cruelty, destroyers, we can stop pretending and just get on with it.  We can stop sending money to the groups who try and stand against the inevitable.  Stop pretending that there’s hope for a better world, unless it’s one without us.

I think it’s funny that we kill people all the time but refuse to let critically ill people, who are suffering and have no hope for recovery, linger because it’s wrong to kill people.  How hypocritical is THAT?  “Do no harm?”  Isn’t it harmful to let people take weeks, months to die when they have no desire to live and no quality of life?  Anyway, we talk and talk but say nothing, do nothing, and just keep on going.

We destroy habitats, act like we own everything, kill what we feel like killing, label those we want to torture, so it’s easier to look the other way, teach our kids the same thing so they grow up to keep it going and it never ends.

As I said…I don’t believe these bodies are what we are.  I think we hijacked them and are using them for our own purposes.  Our bodies are just another mammal…another animal that belongs to this place.  Whatever we are…we’re just using them to destroy the earth and everything on it.  You may disagree but no one knows anything for sure.  We are egomaniacal, maybe insane.

We aren’t all one…we never were.  We just happen to have the same number of appendages and body parts.  We care less and less about each other all the time.

My granddaughter and her boyfriend are going to school at the end of August.   A good friend of mine lives by the school.  The place the kids were going to rent is in a really bad neighborhood.  She said 14 kids were murdered, over the weekend, 4 miles from where they planned to live.  They aren’t going to live there any longer but are getting a different apartment in my friend’s neighborhood.  She said that many kids are dying almost every weekend.  Kids die in Chicago on a regular basis as well. Poor kids.  Kids that have been intentionally chosen to be LEFT BEHIND, uneducated, jobless, hungry, hopeless kids. This is done ON PURPOSE.

Women seen as prey. Children beaten, raped and abused on a daily basis….just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening because it is…even in church.  So this is what we are.  You may think you aren’t like that, I think that as well, but we are all like that when it comes down to it.  We live here, we allow these things to happen, we are part of the machine that kills everything.  Our money goes to a government that kills for profit.  We are as guilty as the people who kill others.   We are separate countries, separate states, separate neighborhoods, separate individuals.  And we are deadly at all times.  All of us are.

We just have to stop pretending we’re something we’re not.  Pretending stops us from taking action.  We lie to ourselves and believe that everything will be okay, when we can clearly see that things are not okay, at least not for others.  Pretending is a lie that we tell ourselves is real.  Like a little girl pretending to be a princess…she might believe it for awhile but eventually she’ll have to admit that it was never true.

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2 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. Resa says:

    Awesome opinion! I’m with you.

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