From: Resa…via Eddie Two Hawks

You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life? Source: Wings

via Wings: From Eddie Two Hawks (

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4 Responses to From: Resa…via Eddie Two Hawks

  1. Resa says:

    It’s so great, and I’m learning how to use Press This! For 4 years I’ve wondered about that button. LOL!!!

    • I’m afraid to touch it. What is it? How does it work?

      • Resa says:

        OMG!! I thought that is what you use.
        It’s what I used for the Eddie Two Hawks post, and looks a lot like your reblogs.
        LOL!! Well, let me use it a bit more, then I will send you an instructional email
        Basically, it is a shortcut to how your reblogs look, and I think you don’t always use the reblog button.
        LOL!!! Learn something every day! 😀

  2. I just press “share” and it comes right up on my blog.

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