Baby G…

Best kitten ever.  They take him EVERYWHERE.  They are in a hotel room in downtown this weekend and the kitten is with them. He goes wherever they go.  He sits in his bed in the car and doesn’t mind being carried around.  They treat him like their baby and never go anywhere without his toys, blankets, food, bed, and litter box.   He’s so sweet and adorable.  ❤

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25 Responses to Baby G…

  1. So sweet…now I must fess up, my dog goes every where with me. 🙂

  2. Anna Deneau says:

    I love cats like that, but very rare. I used to live in Downtown Seattle, and a guy woukd walk his neutered Tom on a leash every morning during the commute. Didn’t bother the cat a bit.

  3. Carolyn Page says:

    I had a little Persian pussycat in the 90s. He came with us everywhere, too. I would (don’t tell anyone) sneak him into hotel/motel rooms when we travelled. He was so gentle and sweet; also very quiet…!!! 😉 😉

    • How wonderful. We love our companions so much that to be without them, even for a little while is a hardship that takes some of the joy out of life. Thank you for your lovely story.

  4. I love these stories. I had a wonderful cat who would follow me when I walked to the corner store and then wait outside for me. She came to me as a 9 month, pregnant stray and stayed until she passed at ago 22.

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