Acceptance is a dirty word…

There are only two things in life that we must accept.  One…our genetic background.  I’m Italian and Swedish and there’s nothing I can do about that…nothing at all.  Two…we are all going to die.  That may change in the future and if it does, then we will only have to accept number one.

Acceptance is a word used to manipulate and control the masses.  It’s a way to control everything that is done to us.  It’s used to make us feel lucky that things aren’t worse than they are, when, in fact, things could be much BETTER than they are, if people would simply stop accepting what is being DONE TO THEM by the people in power.

When we accept something we are automatically saying that whatever we are accepting, is okay.  If we didn’t think it was okay, we would refuse to accept it.  It’s pretty simply, actually.  We wouldn’t accept a car with a missing door but people are willing to accept the fact that the government is sending kids to die in wars for profit. We accept the fact that the government is taking homes from people, forcing the elderly to eat cat food, making education too expensive to  ever pay off the loans, keeping certain ethnic groups at the lowest poverty level possible without coming right out and killing them.  Reserving health care for the elite.  We accept the government, the police presence in the schools of our children, stop and search without just cause, the complete loss of privacy, the fact that someone is reading what we write every time we blog or they are listening to our phone conversations.  We accept cameras on our corners, rigged elections, never ending violence against women and children.  We accept constant rape and controlled wages for everyone except the rich.  People accept rapist priests and the suicides and troubled adults that are left in their wake. But no one would acceptance  a car with three doors.

See that’s what brainwashing is.  It’s making people ignore the fact that life doesn’t HAVE TO BE THE WAY IT IS.  It makes us shut up.  It makes us work our entire lives so that the rich don’t have to work at all.  It’s about things constantly being WITHHELD from the population by a few at the top.  That can ONLY happen if people accept it.  

Think about what would happen to the catholic church if people refused to accept the fact that priest, every where there is a church in the ENITRE world, never stop raping children. What if no one went to church?  What if no one ever gave them another cent?  Would they all just live in their big buildings and talk among themselves?  No…they catholic church would end and NO MORE CHILDREN WOULD BE RAPED BY PRIESTS WHO ARE NOT HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE.  What if the people even demanded that the rapist priests go to jail for life?  What if there were consequences for their actions?  People have the power to STOP atrocities like this and yet, they do NOTHING.  People can change the world but they are so used to doing as they are told and covering their eyes that they ACCEPT the fact that the lives of children are DESTROYED by men who walk free to do it again.  As far as I’m concerned, the people who continue to support the church are as guilty of rape as the men who are doing it.  If a people accept something, they’re saying it’s okay. If they continue to support institutions that destroy children, then they are part of the destruction.  It can’t be any other way.   If people were against the raping and destruction of children, they couldn’t possibly support an organization that lies about it, accepts and allows it to happen.

ACCEPTANCE is a dirty word.  Acceptance is destroying our world.  Acceptance of the destruction of our environment can only lead to tragedy.  Acceptance of all the terrible things that are going on make things worse for EVERYONE.  It’s acceptance that is killing us, a little at a time.  We have to teach our children not to accept bad things, by words and example.  Bring the young to church and you’re telling them that what the church does is good.  If people don’t take responsibility for what they accept…we are well and truly lost.

Acceptance doesn’t make you a good person it makes you a slave and a pawn and that’s what we are teaching the next generation.


acceptance |əkˈseptəns|


1 the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered: charges involving the acceptance of bribes | [ as modifier ] : an acceptance speech | he had an acceptance from the magazine.

• a draft or bill that is accepted by being signed.

2 the action or process of being received as adequate or suitable, typically to be admitted into a group: you must wait for acceptance into the club.

3 agreement with or belief in an idea, opinion, or explanation: acceptance of the teaching of the church.

• willingness to tolerate a difficult or unpleasant situation: a mood of resigned acceptance.

My highlights.

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11 Responses to Acceptance is a dirty word…

  1. Coyote from Orion says:

    Sometimes acceptance makes it easier for me to get off my ass and do something about the bullshit… from the present. I like to breathe and work steadily in my rage… not be a slave to my anger or someome else’s
    Enjoy the Capricorn full moon

  2. Resa says:

    About 10 years ago, I designed costumes for a Showtime movie – Our Fathers – about Cardinal Law & the Catholic rapes. DISGUSTING!! The book (hardcover) it was taken from broke my big toe on my right foot. I didn’t care. I taped my toes together, and bought same shoes in 1 size bigger for my right foot.
    I worked for 3 months with that broken toe, but nothing was going to stop me from bringing this story to as many people as possible. The horrors of the Catholic Church go back to the beginning of the church. That book was more than an eye opener, it ripped my eyelids off! A horrible read, but full of truth and well written – Our Fathers: The Secret Life of the Catholic Church in an Age of Scandal

    • I know what you mean. SPOTLIGHT with Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, et al., won the Academy Award. I tried to read the book but it made me so sick I had to stop. Everyone knew what was happening and the ignored and covered it up. People confess their sins to men who repeatedly rape children and destroy their lives. That film should be shown in catholic schools so the children can protect themselves because their parents aren’t doing it. Fantastic film. Absolutely fantastic. You did a wonderful thing, Resa. Everywhere there are priests and catholic church there are children being raped by priests. The list at the end of the film was so disgusting, we couldn’t believe it. EVERYWHERE and still people go and still they send their children. How incredible is that?

  3. Resa says:

    Also, I think people might buy 3 door cars if it was legal, and they were told it’s acceptable.

  4. So true. Complacency, denial and acceptance of the intolerable seem to be the norm. We need more mugwumps and less kowtow’ing sycophants. We need a society that works for everyone, not just advertisers and profiteers. We need people to think for themselves. We need it to be illegal for donors to ask politicians to sign voting pledges.

    As for the Catholic church, I recently read the opinion of a Cardinal that helped me understand the Catholic’s church fumbling and permissiveness. Get this. He blamed women and feminists for pedophilia by priests. He argued that women infect the churches, ruin and distract the priests and female altar girls drive away the boys. Take the masculine out of the church. Huh? It’s baffling. Pedophiles need unquestioned access to children and authority over them. Of course they would be drawn to professions that allow them to fulfill their desires and forgive their sins. Blame women? Please. Who could take that seriously? That’s like blaming the tree for bearing the apple that enticed the worm to move right in. A worm is a worm, and you don’t need to look farther for a reason.

    • The catholic church despises women. The priests said that they rape far fewer girls because they talk and boys don’t. I’m not surprised that women are blamed for rapist priests. They believe that women are sin incarnate. We are evil and something to be broken and subdued. They are a truly evil and hateful cult of women haters and yet, women go there and give them their time and money. How truly pathetic is that. Horrified by what you wrote. “Women infect the church.” we are like a disease to them. Disgusting morons. Thank you for this. I’m going to post it.

  5. Anna Deneau says:

    I agree that being too complacent is dangerous, but a healthy level of complacency is a coping mechanism. If we gave every evil its proper due, we could not function. Sexual abuse by clergy, sexual crimes in general, poverty, factory farming, female genital mutilation, racism, war, global warming, pollution… this is a teensy list. Am I being complacent if I pick the battles in which I think I’ll be the best warrior?

    We have to accept that we can only do and care so much. You forgot that we have to accept our limitations.

    • I didn’t forget and, of course, we can’t physically fight every battle. I was saying that we can’t support the things that are wrong. Give them money, show up and pretend that what they are doing is okay. Withdrawing support by not shopping at stores that hate women and fund organizations that oppress others. That’s what I was saying. Buy products that are no tested on animals, do what we can in our everyday lives to put those who harm living beings and the environment, out of business by withdrawing your support. That’s what we can do. Don’t shop at stores that abuse their employees, go to churches who hate women and rape children…etc. We can each only do so much but these things can be done by everyone.

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