I read a lot about Paris…I took this picture on my very first visit and here’s why I love it…


It was very early in the morning and I was out walking around because I was too excited and too in love with the city to sleep.  It was quiet and few people were out and about.  I felt at home.  Like I was part of Paris.  She may make everyone feel that way but I was content and grounded.  I am so in love with the city, with the white buildings, the vast open spaces, the cafes, the flower shops, the parks and trees, the buildings, the Eiffel Tower, the bookstalls, the art, Rodin’s Museum, the food, the beauty, the people, the sky…everything.   I love all of it, even the way the names of the streets are painted on the buildings.

Paris is a fairy tale come to life.  It’s old and steeped in experience…war, terrible loss, victory, liberation, rebirth,  art/artists/thought/ideas and beauty.  It’s so special and the people are warm and welcoming.  I loved talking with them. I loved finding a special place to eat, where I quickly got to know waiters.  I would love to live there for a year.  To delve deeper into Her secrets.  Too find the nooks and crannies of hidden color and words.  To listen to Her heartbeat.  That sounds corny, even to me, but it’s the absolute truth.  Like millions of others, I have fallen under Her spell and I’m madly in love with The City of Lights.

I have posted this picture before and while I have a few lovely pictures of Paris, this is one of my favorites because She is just waking up and She’s beautiful in the morning.

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4 Responses to I read a lot about Paris…I took this picture on my very first visit and here’s why I love it…

  1. She has a crown in your photo. No wonder you love it.

  2. I thought that’s what you might have meant. LOL But I wanted to check. And yes, it does look like that. 🙂

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