Annie…Short story…22

“ANNIE,” shouted Lucifer.

Cats ran into the room and piled on top of her.  They were howling and meowing at the top of their lungs. Lucifer tried to push them off, but Clark grabbed his shoulders and said, “Let them help her.”

“What have I done?” he gasped.

Lucifer reached through the pile of cats and placed his hand on Annie’s forehead.  He closed his eyes and started channeling healing energy into her, ignoring the scratching and biting the cats were inflicting upon him, in order to get him out of the way.  He was careful not to give her too much.  He was all-powerful and had to forced himself to hold back.

Matthew began to stir.  “What’s going on?” he asked.  “Im thirsty.”

Clark told him what Annie did and Matthew groaned, rolled off the bed, onto the floor, dug through the writhing cats, put his hand on Annie’s arm and started giving his energy to her.  Adeline pecked her way through the sea of cats until she made it to Annie’s side, where she leaned into her and sent her love.  The hounds came in, and threw themselves down next to the cats.

“I think she’s gone,” muttered Clark.  “I can’t fell her any longer.”

“If that’s your attitude, leave the room!” said Lucifer sharply.

“Dad, you didn’t know this would happen.”

“Get out,” he said, in a controlled, flat, terrifying voice.

“You’re right,” said Clark.  “I’m sorry,” and he added his hands to the pile.

“Lucifer,” said Silver.  “It’s time to stop.”

“I’ll stop when I’m ready,” he hissed.

Some of the cats had fallen asleep on top of Annie, others were bathing and stretching.

“Dad, look at the cats.”

He did.  “What about them?”

“They’re fine.”


“If Annie was dead, the cats wouldn’t BE fine.”

The cats allowed Lucifer to push them off of Annie’s body.  He gathered her in his arms and spoke to her in soft whispers, rocking her back and forth.

Annie rubbed her nose, sat up and said,  “Wow!  Who’s Michael?”

“You’re okay?” asked Lucifer, is eyes wide.”

“Who’s Michael?”

“He’s a white-winged angel, why?”

“I’m going to kill him,” she said.  “I just had the weirdest dream and you look a lot better Matthew. I saw my mother and she told me to tell you that she’ll always love you, Lucifer and she’s so happy that we found each other.  I’m really hungry for cake.  Anyone else?” she asked pushing herself to her feet?

The cats, the puppies and the hen followed Annie into the kitchen. The angels stayed where they were.

“I have no idea what just happened,” said Lucifer.

“She healed me,” said Matthew.

“I think she was dead,” said Clark.

“Let’s have some cake,” said Silver, waving everyone into the other room.

“I LOVE this cake,” said Annie, eating her third piece.  It’s seriously delicious.”

“Annie, tell us about your dream,” said Lucifer.

“Okay,” she said, taking another mouthful of cake.  “I saw my mom and we were in this place where angels go after they aren’t really alive any longer, but they kind of seem as if they are because they aren’t really dead either.  Anyway, she smiled and told me that she loved you, Lucifer.  She said that I was doing a great job with the cats and that I should always follow my heart, which is easy, because it’s a cat’s heart and cats always know the right thing to do.  She said she loved me and was happy to see me but that I was only there for a visit.  She said that another war is coming and it’s going to be worse than the last one.  She said that she was murdered.”

Murdered?” shouted Lucifer.

“Yes, she said that they were fighting in the angel war and they were pushing the angels back but someone she trusted, killed her.  His name was Michael”

Michael killed her?”

Annie nodded.  He did.  She said you would know who he was and that once you found out what he did you would want to kill him but she told me to tell you that it was my job, so to stay out of my way.”

The color drained from Lucifer’s face.  Silver put her hand on his arm.  “You need to take a step back, just for a minute or two.”

“Annie,” said Clark.  “Michael is an archangel.”


You can’t kill an archangel,” said Clark.

“Sure I can.  My mom told me how to do it,” said Annie smiling. “More cake, anyone?”



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