This is Missy Sue…

My wonderful friend, Candy, and her husband, Terry, rescued this kitten yesterday.  You are seeing her after her bath.  This adorable girl has found her forever home and my friends are so happy to have her.  I’m delighted for all of them and I’m sure their other cats will love the new addition.  ❤

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4 Responses to This is Missy Sue…

  1. Resa says:

    Le Gasp! What a beauty! I’m so happy! ❤

    • Isn’t she sweet? My friend is wonderful. She and her husband rescue cats and kittens. They got a call on this one and they are keeping her. I knew she would. She kept one of the last ones as well and the rest are living on her porch in heated condos. She takes excellent care of them. She has worked with an organization (no kill, of course) and they take care of the neutering and shots. They find homes for the cats, but Candy can’t always part with them. ❤ LOL I knew this one was a keeper for sure.

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