Book review, kind of…

I’m not quite finished with this book but I like it so much I can’t wait to tell you about it.  It’s written in a down-to-earth kind of way by a person who is excited and interested in many things.  Someone who fell asleep in school because of boredom, someone who was destined for a different kind of life.  His style is easy going and so unaffected that he’s charming and makes you feel as if you’re on the journey with him  It’s all about a Detroit kid moving to Paris and what his life was like for the seven years he was there.  I can relate to a lot of the things he’s saying because I was always bored but intensely focused on the things I was interested in, even though those things changed all the time.  I love his descriptions of Paris, since that’s where I’d like to live, and his feelings about everything around him.  He is completely non judgmental and open to whatever comes his way.  He tries the strangest things and goes all the way with everything that catches his attention.  I can’t say this book is for everyone, of course, no one can ever say that about any book.  But I love it and I just wanted you to to know about it because I don’t think it’s going to be on a table at Barnes.   Let me put it this way…when I’m not home reading, I miss the book.  You know how that is.  You go through the motions, while you’re out,  but all you really want to do is go home and read.  That’s how I feel about this simple, yet delicious book.  I think it’s because he has no ego.  He just tells the reader what’s going on.  Okay, that’s enough.

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  1. MK says:

    you should be offering that to the Chicago Tribune book review section

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