This is SO exciting…6 pictures

I just got my mail and the amazing prize from VIOLETS VEGAN COMICS arrived!!  It’s even better than I expected, in other words, it’s the most wonderful journal EVER!  Not only did I win this fantastic book but she enclosed a variety of amazing postcards which I will pass out to my library and other places where children gather.

I am so grateful for this truly generous gift.  THANKS SO VERY MUCH!  I am delighted and thrilled.  Please enjoy the follow photographs and be sure to check out these lovely sites for children.

I highly recommend this charming book for children.  They will love it.

And most of all:

I’ll show you how it looks when I get finished with it:)

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9 Responses to This is SO exciting…6 pictures

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  2. How fabulous! I’m envious.

    • It’s wonderful. All about a secret society of kids who will do anything to protect animals. They politely correct their teachers and adults and rescue those who need help. They are dedicated to their task and I love the book. If you know any children, there is an ISBN number on the back of the book (see picture above) and I highly recommend that you get them a copy. They are located in the UK and were kind enough to send it to me. There are secret codes and everything. 🙂 Yay!

  3. Oh, how fabulous. I love what they do for children and animals. The journal is so sweet:)

  4. Blah! Too bad for all of us.

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