Okay, so…

I got a book from Amazon.  I love it, by the way, but it came in a regular padded envelop and was stuck in my mailbox.  No problem.  But while I was looking at a”tracking” page for another book I ordered, I accidentally hit the one for the book I was already reading.  Here’s the thing…on the page it said, “Your package was delivered.  It was handed directly to a resident.”  No!  It was definitely NOT handed to a resident.  I was really angry about that and wrote to them immediately (where they ask you to write about the packaging).

If you don’t get your books and call to find out where they are, they can say they were handed directly to you and how can you prove that they were not?  They lied about handing the book to me.  I don’t doubt for a second that this happens all the time.  This puts the burden of proof on the customer which is unfair and wrong.  I have never received a hand delivered package from Amazon.  They are always left by my door.  The book was delivered by UPS and the delivery person…lied…and that is wrong.

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4 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. We’ve had a huge problem with people walking right up and taking packages from peoples porches and doorsteps. We have to be very careful, I hope that didn’t happen to you!

    • Exactly. That could happen anywhere and it’s such a terrible thing to lie about. I was shocked when I saw that written on my think for delivery. It’s written twice. I took a picture of it. “…handed directly to a resident.” I wasn’t even home. It was sicking out of my mailbox. How could I prove he didn’t hand it to me? Why could any customer prove that? Really bad thing to do. As you said, people steal packages all the time. They usually just lay the box by my front door where anyone could see it.

  2. If it does happen Amazon always takes the customers word at least that is my experience.

    • I thought they would. They do have outstanding customer service. I just thought they would like to know what their delivery people are doing. I don’t care that they leave the packages. I’m okay with that. It would be horrible to have to be here to get the boxes in person but to say they handed it to me when they didn’t is not a nice way to do business. Fortunately, I’ve never had a package go missing and I know they stand behind their customers. Thank you so much for bringing that up.

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