I just came home from spending an hour at the Genius Bar.  My computer is in great shape, that the dragons for that.  The problem, after much diagnostics is the Word Press Reader.  Yes…it’s WP.  The webpage is sucking all the gigabytes from my computer so I can’t use it any longer.  That means I have to figure out a way to see your blogs.  I may have to just click on your picture that is underneath my posts and go directly to your site.  He said the webpage (Reader) is the only problem there is.  Everything else is fine.  I have plenty of memory and everything works perfectly, it’s just that one page.  So, I will do my best, since reading your posts is the fun part of my morning, if I’m not showing up, it’s because I’m trying to get a system in order.

So, if any of you are having problems with frozen screens or the spinning wheel of death, that could be the reason.

Oh, and I went in to Apple yesterday to make an appointment in person.  When I went there today, they didn’t have the appointment.  A woman sat next to me and said exactly the same thing.  She had gone in yesterday and we both had appointments for 2:30 but they didn’t have either one of us down.  She said, “This is an electronic, computer place and it’s not good that they didn’t have our appointments.”  We started laughing and agreed.  They took us right away, however, because it wasn’t our fault but that’s what’s going on.


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11 Responses to Apple…

  1. Resa says:

    I gave up on the Reader ages ago!
    I hate it. It’s glitchy, and it’s impersonal. Okay, this is internet where personal is impersonal, but the Reader is as bad as it gets. I visit blogs directly. I prefer it. I feel like I went to visit a pal, not the Reader.
    Once in a blue moon, if I am overwhelmed, I will use the Reader to see who I have missed recently.
    I enjoy being in someone’s blog, like I enjoy visiting your home, or your patio.
    I love coming here, scrolling, catching up on your stories, seeing the side bar. So many side bars are very interesting.
    Each blog is a creative endeavor, as is the content.

  2. Oh terrific…why am I not surprised…glad you got to the bottom of it!

    • Yes, the guy did everything and that was it. As soon as I showed him how the screen froze on that site, he did some things and said, it’s the web page, don’t use it. He showed me the numbers and I understood why it was screwing everything up. So I’ll do my best to hit all the blogs I follow and that’s all I can do. 🙂 At least I know my computer is okay.

      • I have quirks too…may I should stay out of the reader!

      • My computer works perfectly now that I don’t use the reader. It’s difficult to make sure I visit everyone I follow but it’s better to contact the one’s I can than not be able to contact anyone. I don’t know what WP did but I can’t use the reader any longer. In the past, a lot of people have mentioned that they stopped using it, perhaps that was why.

      • Could be. It is really ….up!

  3. At least now you have got rid of the spinning wheel of death! I have to say that I hate it when my computer is playing up. By the way, I really enjoy the wide variety of subjects that you post.

    • I did!!! Yay, no more spinning wheel of death!!!! I’m so happy you enjoy my blog. I enjoy yours as well. It’s harder for me not to miss everyone, now that they aren’t listed on the reader. I’ve been going through the people who respond to my posts. I just click on their picture and go their sites. It takes longer but it’s nice and my computer works, so that’s fabulous.

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