Okay, so…

One problem with raising kids is that we are always a step behind.  Children are brought up by people who were raised in the past and the things they try to teach their kids are often no longer applicable.  That causes friction because the kids don’t have a clue as to what their parents are trying to do and parents don’t understand why some of the things that worked for them are not working for their kids.

It happens every time.  I read somewhere where people were once hysterical because they stopped teaching children how to sharpen a pencil with a knife, in school.  It was a necessary skill at one time but suddenly, that skill was no longer needed.  Things fall away and new things pop up.  The kids growing up today will do the same thing to their children.

Unfortunately, too many things are being lost today because of phones, media and the corruption of society.  Some states are passing laws that won’t allow children to have phones until they are thirteen.  Kids can’t read facial expressions as well as they used to and emotions are things called emojis.  We are becoming detached from one another and many things that kept us civilized and mannerly are falling away.

Each generation tries to stop the next one from making the same mistakesI it made but that’s impossible because life is like dominos falling and everyone has to learn for themselves.  No one could stop us from doing anything, people forget that…well, no one could stop anyone I knew. LOL

I told my kids that it was my job to tell them what not to do but that I knew they had to learn for themselves.  I said I trusted them to always do the right thing (and they did, mostly). When they screwed up in school I got them out of trouble…I got their friends out of trouble as well.  Kids do stupid thing.  I mean I know people who know people who know people who said they have seen perfect children but we just shake our heads and ask if they have seen a yeti as well.

If we didn’t live the way we do, with all the rules, laws, isolated from one another, forced to work for paper money or starve, things would be a lot different.  We have built a structure that is not conducive to life.  Everyone is under surveillance and competing with one another.  Our life style is destroying a lot of families/people but we keep doing the same thing over and over.

Now the whole world is in danger…threatened by insane men who we allow to have power over uw and over the armed forces and bombs.  Kids are being arrested to make money for the states that are broke.  The middle class is sliding into poverty.  People are afraid and that’s being DONE to them.

I keep telling my grandchildren NOT to have kids…but they won’t listen any more than we did.  My daughter didn’t listen and I told her not to have kids everyday of her life.  It’s hormones.  We have no choice, We are like the animals on the open plains, when the chemicals hit, we do what any animal does and then nine months later we have a baby human, instead of a zebra.  Although I’m betting a zebra wouldn’t make us want to jump off of a tall building.

So, whatever we do, society takes over once the kids are out of the house and off to school to be conditioned and brainwashed for the state.  We fight back but it’s not easy.  Still, we can’t give up.  And I know the kids will have more kids and that makes me want to lay down for a long time.  I told them to have cats and pretend that they are their children.  Jesse and her boyfriend just got a kitten and he’s adorable.  They named him Twenty-One because it’s their favorite number and there’s a rapper they liked and that’s his name.  It’s a difficult name for a cat.  Try calling Twenty-one couple times and you’ll see what I mean.  Every cat I’ve ever named has ended up with a nickname I’m, so guessing that’s going to happen with Twenty-One.  Maybe they’ll end up calling him Tee Oh, for short.  The cat won’t care, he knows what his name is and that’s all that really matters.

We all have to do life our own way.  I just tell the kids I’m happy for them and support their decisions.  I’m not their mother…I can do anything I like.  🙂  I’m okay with that and I’ve been around long enough to know there’s nothing anyone can do to make people different than they are…and that’s okay too.

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9 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. I took your advice! Or rather, my body did as the process would have exacerbated my condition. And I didn’t want them anyway after experiencing childhood. I certainly didn’t want to bring a child into the world who might have been bipolar like my mother. Loving my nieces and nephew and I can give them back. Still, nobody escapes – my nephew has ADHD. Ha!

    • So many children today have problems that did not exist before. Some say that children just went undiagnosed before, but that’s simply not true. Something is being done to us on purpose. It’s difficult to bring a child into a world where violence is the order of the day and the world is being run by mentally deranged, power hungry, greedy males. War will never stop because it’s far too profitable. Our food and water is suspect. But we are animals and, therefore, we will continue to reproduce, not matter what.

      I’ve had friends who enjoy the offspring of others and are quite happy that they never had children of their own. It can be difficult if you don’t feel that you have a choice but sometimes there are just too many reasons to not bring them into the world. Having children is never what people think it’s going to be like, if they even think at all. Sometimes people who have suffered from terrible childhoods don’t want to have children.

      I’ve met several women who have had to take care of multiple siblings and they definitely don’t want to have kids because they already raised a bunch of them. There are so many good reasons to not have children but hormones override what we know to be true.

      • I believe that lots of conditions have gone undiagnosed, ADHD for one. This and similar wirings of the brain explain the behaviour of many who were once sent to the asylums. Having said that, nothing would surprise me about manipulation today in what is being done to us. Oh yes, it was an all round hideous childhood and not just the reality of being brought up by a manic-depressive that meant I didn’t want children. I went through a brief maternal longing at a time when it wasn’t right. I recovered!

  2. I’m happy for you. I’m sure you’re right about people being locked away. It’s just that expectations were different and people, as they always tend to do, met them. Politeness, manners, and kindness were common and expected. Kids were not as mean. Media has done a lot to make our society hateful and violent. Removing the civilizing aspects of societies has allowed for destructive things to happen on a regular basis. The hateful people have been given free reign in America by a hateful, egomaniacal idiot who is uneducated and moronic beyond belief. Expectations play an important part in all cultures and once the things that stopped people from being terrible are removed/lifted, things begin to fall apart rapidly. America is a mess. Children have the most unrealistic expectations imaginable. Hate an suspicion exists where it did not exist before. It’s sad and dangerous for the world. We have all the guns and a idiot is charge.

  3. AM Roselli says:

    I’ve learned that your sage words also include taking care of the older folks in one’s life – you worry about them, and they live as they need/want to 😊

    • That is so very true. People know what they want and how they want to live and unless they ask for help its better to back off and leave everyone alone. If you don’t, you end drive each other crazy and that’s never a good thing. No one knows what’s right for anyone else…ever. People know how to live and they have the right to make their own choices, even if others don’t agree, or would never make the same ones. So glad you brought this up. It’s an important issue.

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