Gabriel was surround by thick, white mist. “Hello?” he said, but his word simply hung in the air and did not move an inch.  “HELLO!” he shouted, but nothing changed, which made Gabriel testy, since he was used to getting his own way.   He wondered where he was.  I mean anyone would wonder where they were, if they were in his position, right?  He tried to open his wings but nothing happened.  He started walking but he didn’t go  anywhere.  He had no idea what Annie had done to him but he didn’t like it and he was  becoming quite annoyed.


“I love frozen waffles,” said Annie.

“Me too,” agreed Clark, dumping more powdered sugar onto the two crispy ones on his plate.

“There’s just something about them that makes the day brighter.”

“Annie,” said Lucifer, walking into the kitchen.  True to his word he was wearing tight worn Levi’s.  He was also wearing a crisp white shirt, open at the neck, with the sleeves rolled  up over his perfect arms. “Have you thought about finding Gabe?”

“No. Why would I?  He’s mean.”

“Do you think you could bring him back?”


“I thought maybe you had done it before.”

“I haven’t,” said Annie.  “Would you like a waffle?”

“No thank you,” he said, cutting a thick piece of dark chocolate cake.  “Clark said it’s Peek-A-Boo’s birthday.  Are you having a party with the cats?”

“We are.  After lunch,” said Annie, happily.

“About Gabriel.  I’d like it if you could locate him.”

“I’d rather not.  I have to get ready for the party and I don’t have the faintest idea where to look for him and besides, he’s mean and I’m afraid he’ll steal me.”

“No one will steal you and while I agree that he’s mean,  I’d still like it if you would look for him.”


“Because he’s my brother.”

He’s your brother?”  asked Annie. “How is that even possible?”

“We got along until he wanted to rule and be worshiped by the humans and I wanted to stay off this planet and let the creatures who lived here be free.  I finally got tired of fighting, so I left with those who agreed with me and he stayed with those who wanted power over others, and while we might not like him, if we don’t bring him back, those others will come looking for him and that could complicate our life.”

“You mean it would make it more dangerous for us.”


“I’ve never tried to bring anything back before.  Maybe he’ll come back in pieces.”

“Do the best you can,  take pictures of the birthday party and don’t let Raven roll in the cat food, if you can help it.”

“I’ll do my best.

“Clark, keep Butch and Dottie close and strengthen the wards.  You know what to do.”

“Already on it dad,” said Clark.  “See you at dinner.”


IS ANYONE OUT THERE?” screamed Gabe, batting at the mist.

“What’s an angel like you doin’ in a place like this?” said the small presence behind him.

“I’m lost,” said the angel.

“No your not.  No one ends up here because their lost.”  Someone sent you here.  Were you a very bad angel?” snickered the voice.   “Your kind is almost always bad, messing with people’s minds.  Looks like you met your match.”

“Can you get me out of here?  I’ll give you anything you want.”

“Ah, bargaining.  Always the first step,”  said the voice.

“Can you help me?”

“No one can help you?”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re in nowhere and nowhere is nowhere.  Get it?  You can’t leave nowhere because there’s nowhere to go from here.”

“I need to leave.  I need to leave NOW!”

“You angles are always so pompous.  You think that just because you want something you’re going to get it.  It’s always fun to see one of you trapped here, bargaining and threatening, as if you can talk your way out of this place.  Unless the entity who put you here wants you back…you’re not going anywhere.”



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