Book review…MOONBREAKER…spoiler alert

This is the tenth book in the Drood series (a group of people…the FMILY…who run the world and other worlds as well).  Unfortunately, the series is getting silly, or worn out, or dragged out, or all of those things.  Simon R. Green is the author of the Nightside series, a twelve book series that never stopped being fun and exciting.  I think there was a collective sigh of horror when readers found out that there no more books would be forthcoming.  He’s written other books as well, I’ve liked a couple of them.  The Drood series is wearing thin.  The characters are interesting but they have become predictable and the things the characters face are just one more thing.  The main character is dying (ending in the last book), poisoned by his evil look alike, but he’s dying throughout this entire book.  He also misses catching the bad guy way too often, after pages of plotting and build up.  I tried not to skip pages, I really did, but I was getting bored.  The ending left something to be desired BUT and this is a huge but…in the next book…they go to  Nightside.  I’m REALLY excited about that.  Now if we could only kill off all the characters from THIS series and just get back to the amazing characters from Nightside, I would be a truly happy reader and I don’t think I would be the only one.

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