I was thinking…

I bought a bag of California cherries and they are absolutely delicious…hard as a rock and sweet.  I can’t taste very many things, hardly anything in fact, so saying they are delicious is something, at least for me. Anyway, I got to thinking about holding on to things and how we can’t do it.  The cherries are yummy but if I don’t eat them fast enough they will spoil and I will have to throw them away.  Nothing I do will stop them from becoming icky.  It’s the same with summer. I love summer so much but nothing I can do will keep summer in Chicago longer than it wants to stay.  No pleading, promises, or sacrifices will stop the sun from going away.  Nothing could stop the ones I love from dying.  When I started thinking about the cherries, I understood that I can’t make anything happen, or not happen, which is basically the same thing.  I’m standing in a space, in time, and things are happening around me and they come and go.  Delicious to rotten, sun to ice, life to death and I don’t have to do anything because there’s nothing I can do.  That frees me up to do as I please because I can’t make a difference in life.  Life doesn’t even notice me.  I’m just a blip on the wind.  My wishes are not important, or taken into consideration.  The universe won’t make the cherries last a day longer than they last just because I want them to stay.  Like the stars that are born and die, we too follow that path, although to be fair, stars last a LOT longer than we do.  It’s all about matter coming together and falling apart and there’s nothing to stop it from happening.  I’m okay with that because that’s the way this universe works.  So like the cherries, we have a “use by this date,” stamped on us somewhere, and after that date, well, you can figure out the rest by yourself.  LOL

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2 Responses to I was thinking…

  1. Yes indeed… so very true.

    • We live in such a fantasy world, thinking that we make things happen and that we are in control…but that’s smoke and mirrors for sure. We dance on the strings that pull us in all directions and what we do is react to what’s going on around, and to us, because that’s what life is all about…reacting.

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