Annie…3…here’s the actual third chapter, at least as far as I remember it.

Annie could barely breath.  She took a gulp of air and started laughing all over again, as the puppy stood over her, licking her face, paws on her wings, which were stretched out behind her.

“I knew she would like you,” snickered Clark.  “She’s a bit wild but my dad sad that’s because she’s a puppy and she will be better behaved when she gets a little older.”

Struggling for breath, Annie pushed Lucy off of her and sat up.  “She’s wonderful,” she wheezed, as she watched the dog disappear into the other room.  Two seconds later Lucy returned, stopped by her side and dropped a green tennis ball into her lap.

“Does she ever get tired?”

“Yes, and when she does she just falls to the ground and sleeps for a couple of hours.”

“Cats are nothing like this.  They sleep a lot and rarely want to play with tennis balls.”

“I can understand that,” said Clark, nodding.  “Do you ever wonder what the world would be like if we didn’t have genders, just people?”

“No,” said Annie, rolling the ball across the floor.  “And we do have people, boy and girl people.”

“It’s just that if there were no words like boy and girl everyone would be treated equally.”

“I doubt it,” said Annie, thoughtfully. “People would just find something else to use  each other, although there are the Swatiu.  The all look exactly the same.”

“The who?”

“The Swatiu,” she said again.  “The green beings who sing and tell stories.”

“Never heard of them.”

“No one can tell them apart and no one knows where little Swatiu’s come from.”

“So they are not discriminated against because of gender?”

“How can they be?  No one knows whether they are boys or girls.”

“My point exactly.”

Lucy was on her back, feet in the air, tail wagging.

“What kind of dog is this?”

“She’s a german shepherd.  My dad wanted to bring a Hellhound home, because they are so loving and protective, but he said that people aren’t ready for them yet.”

“Your dad  sounds nice.”

“He is.”

“What does a Hellhound look like?”

“They’re really big and they let you sleep on them, if you want to.  They can carry heavy loads and they love to play.  They can be quite serious, however, and they keep the people they love safe.  Nothing bad can happen to you when you’re with a Hellhound.”

“Maybe everyone should have one.”

“I didn’t think of that. It’s probably a good idea.”

“Do they get along with cats?”

“Yes, they do.”

“Then I like them,” said Annie.

“Would you like some cake?”

“What kind?”

“Chocolate, with chocolate frosting.”

“Your in luck.  That’s exactly the cake I have.”


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2 Responses to Annie…3…here’s the actual third chapter, at least as far as I remember it.

  1. 🙂 Chocolate cake is always the answer

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