The Kill Society…Sandman Slim…Book 9

This is the ninth Sandman Slim book.  They are not stand alone’s, you have to start from book one, or you’ll never have a clue as to what’s going on.  I read this one yesterday because once I start one of them…well, the world goes away and it’s just Sandman, me and lots of fudge pops.  This one was a bit drawn out but never really boring and I didn’t skip pages, so that’s good.  There’s always action and interesting things taking place.  The characters are excellent, crazy and wild.  The thing is, Sandman has a fabulous attitude.  He’s funny, interesting, intelligent, sarcastic, he can kill ANYTHING and he never stops, never gives up.  He’s beyond tough and just his name has people and other things, walking the other way.  He’s lived through hell, literally, several times,  knows god and Lucifer personally and has been the Devil himself for a hundred days.  Now that’s an interesting person, right?  He’s also loyal and true and he does the right thing, most of the time.  He would be horrified to know anyone thought that about him.   As long as Kadrey writes Sandman books…I’ll read them and I’ll most likely do it in one day because how can I not?  The books are just too much fun to put down.

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2 Responses to The Kill Society…Sandman Slim…Book 9

  1. Sounds like a blast…i need to get around to starting them with book one of course 🙂

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