Last night I watched SOMEWHERE IN TIME, with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeves, remembering how good it was.  Unfortunately, it’s not good at all.  I fast forwarded through most of it.  It’s actually terrible, by today’s standards…slow, tedious and the music is better on the CD.  That happens…time and place is important.  It was a good film when it was made but movies have changed and so have we.  Reeves, big, strong and handsome looks ridiculous in his too tight suit, one that he never changes throughout the entire film.  And he’s so strong but gets beaten up by small men and goes down with one punch.  Just so silly.  Even the “get-together,” in the opening scene seems fake and forced.  I should have just left well enough alone and had fun remembering how good I thought the film was.

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12 Responses to Movie review…SOMEWHERE IN TIME

  1. It’s horrible when that happens. Mind you, I thought it was dreadful at the time!

  2. The idea was ahead of it’s time but movie making was crude, by today’s standard and it shows. LOL

  3. Resa says:

    I met CR a long time ago. I was just a newbie daily on a movie, put out in the blazing sun to shine cop boots.. Ah, but Kathleen Turner was in the movie, and hated all of the alterations being done to her clothes. In desperation they asked, and I said, yes, I can sew. I fixed her skirt, and she was thrilled. However, I quit, never went back. They wardrobe people were just so very mean to me, I could not stay. I want to tell you something else, but it will have to wait for private! 😀 😀

    • You could write a book about your experiences. So fascinating. I hope CR was as nice as he seemed. I always liked Turner because the was tough in her film but I don’t know if she was nice. I’m glad you quit and didn’t put up with their abuse.

      • Resa says:

        The cast was lovely! Burt Reynolds was in the movie as well. Kathleen was amazing. The hatefulness was meant to prevent me from designing. 😀 I went on. I designed.
        You know, I have many stories about my career, the movie stars, producers and directors.
        However, they are all loving stories.
        Although I may have some … odd stories… I was told no one gives a sh*% unless I will dish dirt.
        Now, I am thinking differently!
        Why can’t I say how Patti La Belle inspired me? Why doesn’t anyone care about how I worked to earn a ride in Whoopi’s Star Car?
        Why was Jeremy Irons was a treat, although scandalous?
        Why does everything have to be a scandal.
        I adored all of the actors I worked with.
        I guess that’s moot now, because I don’t have bad and hateful stories.
        However, I have stories.

  4. Those are the only stories I would read. The good ones, the nice ones about all the actors I think do a fabulous job. The funny thing and the kind things. That’s the kind of book that’s needed to spread some goodness instead of all the garbage that’s out there. 🙂

  5. I love Jane Seymour so my husband was all excited to show me what he remembered to be a romantic and nice film. It was pretty horrible. LOL. Husband still gets brownie points for trying. We had the same experience watching old Eddie Murphy comedy show–soooo bad.

    • It’s so shocking, isn’t it? LOLI I’ve done that a number of times and be horrified that I remembered the film in such a different way. And yes, he definitely should get brownie points for trying.

  6. Oh no!!!! I was so looking forward to seeing it again…blah i hate it when that happens. I guess somethings we enjoyed in the past should stay there.

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