Okay, so…

Have you ever noticed how boys don’t know much about fairy tales?  They don’t have special clothing for the ball and no one locks them up in towers, or renders them unconscious.  In fairy tales the boys make the choices, are the heroes, have all the power, money, castles and both parents.  They chose, girls are chosen.  Boys have freedom, girls are locked in towers/rooms, or they are in comas.  Mothers are dead, stepmothers are evil,  fathers don’t care and the girls are on their own.  The girls are powerless, brutalized by everyone around them, unless they are dwarfs, or unless magical intervention suddenly appears in the form of a Goddessmother, a kiss by a powerful male who has the power to give life, rather than the girl who actually can produce life.  We know what the girls look like, but there are no descriptions of the boys.  No one knows what color lips, the prince has.  We don’t know the color of his hair and we don’t know what he’s wearing.  We think we do, because of the films but there are no descriptions in the books.  Looks aren’t important for the heroes.  A lot of the new films are much better but  Cinderella, Snow and all the rest are very much alive and well.

Boys don’t bother with fairy tales. They have GI Joe’s and things that hunt and kill, fast cars, superheroes, sports figures and wrestlers.  Boys have power. They are in training as well.

In school, if children are forced to read a “girls” book, the boys groan, moan and put their heads on their desks and never read the book.  Girls, on the other hand, read books targeted for boys and get on with it.  Training, conditioning and brainwashing.

Nothing changes as we grow up.  The overwhelming majority of men don’t read books written by women.  Men could learn a lot about women by reading feminist books, poetry, pretty much anything written by women, including, The Handmaid’s Tale.  But they don’t.  They don’t have to.  They have power and they aren’t targets.

When you have all the power it doesn’t matter what the people who are NOT you, want, feel, care about, or need.  It’s of no importance.  Just remember that.  Boys are trained from the beginning to not have anything to do with things that are female.  They are called names that are related to girls/women, when others want to humiliate or control them.  Because anything that has to do with us is bad.

I read books written by male authors, but only a select few.  I used to read more, a long time ago, but I want to support women writers and besides, they are more likely to empower women, rather than calling them horrible names, murdering them and burying their bodies in the woods.

There are good books about equality, espionage and the like but I still read and support women.  I want my money to go to them.


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12 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. I read my boys lots of fairy tales and books with female main characters. 🙂 We can buck the trend.

  2. I’m so glad. We need them to change the attitudes that girls don’t count, aren’t strong, aren’t important, can’t take care of themselves and don’t do anything interesting. Need them to know that boys aren’t the center of their lives. Films for adults have changed dramatically and roles for though female are fantastic. Atomic Blonde looks amazing. Loved Wonder Woman. The women in Fast and Furious are also powerful. Unfortunately, sometimes women do incredible things while wearing very little clothing. I hope that stops eventually, but I’m not holding my breath.

  3. gserpent says:

    I agree 100 percent. But in fairy tales when the girl is locked up or being saved, it is an occult reference to the sacred feminine. Finding and unlocking the sacred feminine. The wicked stepmother, mother or sisters is usually a reference to the sister religions because the patriarchs say the church is the mother. The princess stories are occult stories referring to Mary Magdalen. She was a princess who had lost her prince. She was demonized by Christianity and the sister religions.

    • While I certainly get what you’re saying and it makes perfect sense, the stories teach children that girls are weak and abused, mistreated and disliked and they all need to be saved by males. They teach girls to mistrust other females, which isolates them and keeps them from banding together to overthrow the status quo of male domination. It teaches them to expect and accept a life of servitude, a life of being chosen and a life of acceptance. The stories take away their self confidence and they NEVER have a single friend. Sigh. Every time I see a little girl in a Snow White costume It makes me sick. There are more good role models today, no doubt about it but the old fairy tales stick around, patriarchy makes sure of that. Thank you for your wonderful explanation.

      • gserpent says:

        You are welcome. These stories were not meant to be put out as children’s stories, they were meant to put out the truth without getting burned at the stake. I believe Masons, Disney was a very high degree Mason, decided they could make money off these stories. The Masonry we have today comes from Akhenaton in Egypt. The very people who started the patriarch religions. All we can do is try to open eyes. The only way it will change is getting people to quit the the game, because it is a game to these idiots. I’m hoping before I die I will be able to dance on the grave of religion. I have a daughter and it is why I work so hard to expose the lies. Snow White is an astrological tale from ancient Egypt. Snow White being the moon and the dwarfs being the seven known planets following her in the night sky. They made it into what it is to make money off of it. Thanks for a great post.

  4. Please invite me to the dance. I’m RSVPing ahead of time. The thing is, I don’t think they only did it to make money I think they did it to further their agenda and to keep women down…to brainwash them and control everything they did. It worked and we have been digging ourselves out of the mess ever since. A major problem is that people don’t want to see what’s happening, they don’t want to wake up. They truly believe that by not seeing anything they will be safe and protected never realizing that living the way they do is punishment enough.

  5. Hahaha! True! Great post!♡

  6. I appreciate that more than you will ever know.

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