Okay, so…

I know so many people who are desperately unhappy, right now.  Some wish they were dead.  It’s difficult, even impossible, to be able to see a better ending, when you’re in that terrible place.  Everything seems hopeless. Words don’t help, because people in that position can’t really understand them, can’t see anything ever changing, even when they know that change is the only constant in life.  People in that place just don’t care.  When you don’t care, things are truly hopeless.

Everyone is tired.  Tired of fighting what’s happening to them, knowing that they can’t accept what’s going on around them.  Knowing that they can’t change other people and tired of trying.  Tired.  Tired.  Tired.  Tired of living in a world that’s getting worse and worse.  Tired of loss.  Tired of working and giving everything to the greedy  government. Tired of being ripped off.  Tired of student loans, never having enough money.  Tired of being taken advantage of by their children.  Tired of being tired.  Tired everything.

I listen to their anger, their loss of hope, their voices flat and dead.  I listen to people I truly care about and anything I say sounds trite and ridiculous.  When people are in pain all I can do is validate that pain because it’s the only thing that’s real.  I just keep saying, “I’m sorry,” over and over again, because I am sorry and I know what it’s like to be where they are and I know that the words of hope that fall from the lips of others can make things worse.  I just say, “I’m sorry.  I know the pain must be unbearable.  Is there anything I can do?”

I hate that false and unrealistic expectations, put on all of us by a hateful and controlling few, can cause such massive devastation and ruin so many lives.  I hate that people are cruel…that pain tops pleasure, that love is something people believe they need to find. I hate the way people are held down.  How they are judged by the media, and forced to hate themselves because they don’t measure up the the standards of air-brushed models who stare hungrily at them from the covers of magazines.  I hate male violence against women and children.  I hate that men will NOT STOP. I hate the way animals are tortured and murdered so that people can EAT their flesh and wear their skin.   I hate what we have done to Native Americans, to the environment, to our food.  I hate how life twists kindness and uses it against people.  I hate that so many people are suffering because we are allowing our society to destroy us…one by one.


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17 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. Stress anf depression seem to be at an all time high. People are afraid and feel helpless. Many smile and act as though they are ok. These are the people we need to seek out but it’s hard to know if they don’t say anything.

    • I think drugs are playing a big part in what’s happening. Pot is becoming legal in more states, people take pills to sleep, to wake up, to study, to do pretty much everything. Prescription, OTC, it doesn’t matter. I believe things are becoming more available because the government, rich and powerful, don’t want the herd to be awake enough to know what they are doing. I truly believe that we are being drugged and dumbed down so we don’t fight back. All the chemicals people are taking is ruining their health and making them depressed and unable to function at full speed. Pot is having a terrible effect on kids and when you look at Colorado, people are living in the park…same in CA. Zoned out, not part of the conversation any longer. How can that be good for anything?

      • If that were so you’d think they would make them more affordable. The gov’t is trying to strip of us the insurance that many need to purchase necessary and essential meds that they need. They want to regulate everything except the bankiing industry and environmental protection.

      • A lot of kids are taking Aderall for exams, for studying, and for fun and they aren’t taking the normal dose they are taking the normal does that doesn’t get you euphoric. Coming down from that is a nightmare and can take a long time, paranoia, outbursts of anger, harm to brain cells, not eating, not bathing, it screws with dopamine. It’s COMMON, not unusual. Drugs are for the ones who can pay for it because they are the one’s I think the people in charge of the heard want to silence and turn into zombies.

      • The drug crises is horrific and is alive and well in the most prominent families . It’s heartbreaking watching so many die or survive on the streets . It’s a double edged sword. Watching my friend die of ALS I recognize the usefulness of some drugs and I am an advocate of euthanasia in such extreme cases of hopeless suffering. I get what you are saying too.

      • It really is terrible. I agree that drugs that help people and stop suffering are wonderful but too many people abuse drugs. Too many drugs are addictive, which simply leads to more problems. I also believe in The Right to Die. Anything less is cruelty. If there’s no hope, there’s no hope.

      • We don’t even let our pets suffer they way the terminally ill must

      • It’s so cruel. When my husband was dying the doctor kept saying there was nothing he could do because this wasn’t Oregon. We were frantic to end it. It was terrible, truly terrible and cruel. If I would have tried to help I would have gone to jail for ending the suffering of the person I loved the most. That is insane and evil.

      • Such cruelty in the name of religion. It’s heartbreaking . I have to believe that those who oppose the right to die with dignity have never witnessed terrible and intractable suffering. I hope someday humanity will win the right to decide our own destiny.

      • It is truly heartbreaking in it’s scope. There is no reason for that kind of cruelty. Death is hours or days away and nothing can stop it. The Right to Die group is working toward change and Debbie an I went to a meeting but it’s jumping through hoops and still takes way too long to help anyone in immediate need. Getting the signatures, the tests and all the rest can take months. It’s a hateful thing.

      • I don’t see it happening. Our leaders are too backward and consumed with control and interfering in our lives.

    • Holly, I love your song today but my computer won’t let me leave any comments. I don’t know why. I have to answer any comments on my posts a different way because it won’t let me write on the actual post page.

  2. Resa says:

    Another fab rant! I’m officially titling them “frants”(obviously short for fab & rant) One frant, many frants. I always seem to agree with you.

  3. amommasview says:

    Don’t give up hope…

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