My rules for MY life…

Always be able to walk away from anyone
at any time
No exceptions
Never give your personal power away
Remain true to yourself
Know that you are all that you need to be happy
Be honest with yourself
Always have good intent
Nurture yourself
Make Art
Embrace your rage
Be fearless
Be brave
Be tough
Never back down
Feed your inner wolf
Be kind to your inner dragon
(yes, it’s crowded in there but I love them both)
Stand against injustice
Be ruthless when necessary
Most of all
Remain FREE

Debbie texted this to me last night:

“Thank you for being
such a wonderfully
vicious mom.”

She has said a lot of lovely things to me throughout our life together,
but this was the best thing yet.
Someone hurt her feelings yesterday and I went off on him.
I told her she made me the way I am
because I always had to protect her kind nature.
She drove me crazy, as a child…always so nice.
So easy for others to take advantage of her.
Her main goal in life, for those she loves, is to see them happy.
Good luck with that and it’s always at her expense.
She told the kids that if they didn’t clean their rooms
I was coming over on Friday and throwing everything away.
They are terrified!  LOLOL
I’ll do it and they know it.
They are leaving for college and she’s trying to get their
huge 5 bedroom house ready to sell.
I keep my word, she caves.
She won’t throw their things out.  I will.
They will clean their rooms before I get there.
Jesse is bring presents to my house today.
She made more pottery for me.
I love the kids but they know that when I say something
I mean it.
Therein lies the difference.
Always keep your word
and then there’s nothing to talk about.
People know you mean what you say.
Seems easy, right?

She’s nice
I’m not
She doesn’t get what she wants
I do

What’s the question?

And one more thing…
You can’t care whether people like you or not
you have to be you all the way
it doesn’t matter wether or not you are loved
it only matters that you are yourself
if you are
the love comes naturally and it’s real





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6 Responses to My rules for MY life…

  1. ❤ You are an amazing woman.

  2. It’s not very popular but I too am outspoken and sometimes people think I am aggressive …were I a man i would be “assertive”. Someone has to stand up especially when we see those we love being used.

  3. you are amazing and inspiring. thank you.

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