Jesse, AKA Goose…

Jesse is home cleaning and packing up her room.  🙂  She’s coming over later. I bought popsicles and fudge bars to celebrate.  🙂  I can’t wait to see what she made for me. ❤

Once people know that you mean what you say, they know what’s going on and where they stand.  If you don’t keep your word, people will play you and push you, trying to get what they want.  It’s just easier to keep your word and cut out all the games and drama.  You can never be afraid of other people.  You can’t be afraid that  they will leave you, stop loving you, or not like you, if you don’t do what they want.  If you give into those things, you are their prisoner and have shut the door to your cell all by yourself.

Here’s the thing.  The kids love me.  I love them.  They TRUST me and know that they can call me in the middle of the night and come over for a Tarot card reading, if it will make them feel better.  I will do pretty much anything for them and they know that I’m here for them, always.  But they also know that I don’t screw around and when I say something, I mean it.  That way we can all respect each other.


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2 Responses to Jesse, AKA Goose…

  1. Echo says:

    Yes! I just learned this myself but didn’t have words so thank you!
    Omg you do tarot too?! We need to talk about this! Haha what’s your backstory? I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t trying to sell me stuff that could read tarot I’m excited af now haha. Awesome (: xoxo

    • Yes. I read them and have read them for strangers in restaurants and pretty much everywhere my daughter and I go to eat or do things. I start reading them for her and the star and other customers come by to have their cards read. Takes hours, there’s so many people. I don’t charge. I do regressions for my family too. We are into that.

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